Solar Power Update | Dealing with Loneliness


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Following up on the first video of me installing solar power at the cabin, I give an update on how the Goal Zero Yeti power station and solar panels are doing to cover my electricity requirements here at the off grid log cabin.
At the end of the video, I talk about the difference between being alone and loneliness.

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  1. Suzita
    Suzita says:

    I feel lonely at times. But I do my knitting. I made myself a rug for my feet. I am going to make a rug for my husbands feet. And I made him some slippers. I knitted myself a scarf. And I am knitting him a hat. I bake now and again. And I do enjoy having a conversation with a person when I am out. But at the same time. I love being me. And enjoy my own company. And enjoy being around my husband.

  2. CuriosityKilledTeKat
    CuriosityKilledTeKat says:

    I've been glued to your videos for days now. I've been dreaming of living off the grid and want to set plans in place to do that. Do you have any advice for things like choosing a location for a log cabin? How to create a layout for the cabin and/or where to get materials? Just like you did before you moved I live in Toronto, and would really love to live on self reliance.

  3. Larry Reagan
    Larry Reagan says:

    I know this is an older video but I put a pole in the ground with a pulley on top then took a piece of tubing and mounted my panels to it so with a rope I can lift my panels above the tree line in the winter, I attached a rope to each side so I can control the direction my panels face. it works okay for me anyway.

  4. Gian C.
    Gian C. says:

    We humans have to get to the truth of what is , and will always keeping us going " Duty " I can't see life as being a holiday even though to rest is a necessity for the body-mind & to rest is also a duty . What has messed things up is the belief that just to perform one chosen duty life will shine , as it happen at some point will stop . Every human has something , a potential , that could benefit others with just a little effort & by opening up to his/her's individual talent , there are perhaps many that just like you take the same path but do not share the knowledge like you do , it is after all what is great about you & what you are doing .

  5. Charlie Turnesa
    Charlie Turnesa says:

    Shawn, I'm a much older man than you and I have to make frequent visits to a cardiologist to monitor my blood pressure and to make sure my arteries are clear. I was just wondering if you are at all concerned with these things. I'm also curious to know if you got a complete physical exam before you began this lifestyle. You look to be in excellent shape. However, as we age these "silent" things have a way of creeping up on us.

  6. Andrea Golden
    Andrea Golden says:

    Much appreciated insight. I suspect people are lonely regardless of their urban/rural/hermit status, but busy-ness makes it easy to ignore the deeper issues lurking in the soul. Can't run from them in the wilderness, though. There's a reason the monks of all types have made solitude a practice for centuries. You hit the nail on the head… it all boils down to meaning. What gives us meaning isn't a quick and easy question to answer.

  7. adenali cañizares
    adenali cañizares says:

    when one finds tranquility and peace in solitude there is no turning back, the only thing that fills you is the smell and sound of nature.
    Thank you for sharing part of your life in the forest, I am already following your example

  8. brenda courneyea
    brenda courneyea says:

    Was your Wife not on Board?? Why are U alone and telling us about it??Metal last's 25 yrs you will be long gone when it rot's. Would of been best choice (IMO). If you own your Waterfront I would position them there 90% of Sunlight everyday other than rainy overcast weather.

  9. gorman1
    gorman1 says:

    This was great Shawn! Thank u! Very helpful. I really appreciate u sharing. In a weird way u are like a friend even though we have never met. I want to experience this lifestyle, although I feel that I would need a home in society somewhere so I could use my cabin as a retreat to utilize as much as my soul called for it. I dont have any skills like u, but as a medical doctor I find myself unhappy with all the outside pressures that do not allow me to practice how I would like. I understand fully your desire to live a large part of your life answering to nature only.
    and thanks again Shawn

  10. The Intuitive Body Foodie Network
    The Intuitive Body Foodie Network says:

    Thanks for the info on the solar panels. Very insightful.
    Loneliness vs Aloneness. And interesting subject that you articulated well. Personally I NEED a lot of alone time. However, I also have times when I truly desire to connect & socialize with people. Sometimes it takes time to find the balance.

  11. Joe Kay
    Joe Kay says:

    I've been alone for a long time now, but it's in the city, which is not a peaceful place. I dream of moving back to the island where I grew up and building a family there.

  12. Mr Spof
    Mr Spof says:

    Appreciate you mentioning support for people that feel alone. I guess I could elaborate; it's nothing about me personally but it's good to reinforce to people that they are not alone.

  13. Susan Furnish
    Susan Furnish says:

    I ask these things out of pure learning about your lifstyle; not to judge you…..Do you think about God? Do you think about Jesus? Do you pray? when your wife comes, like with your daughter, were you able to have any intimate time with your wife? Is it OK with you & your wife that you both are separated so much? That seems a bit odd to me. but, not m business. I am a person that tends to isolate, & I live in a city. Hahaha! I have lived in a motel for 5 & a half years. I hope to move from here in march or so….I have not gone anywhere for about 7 months. (there's reasons for that) My social life is basically my time online. I've gotten my days & nites mixed up. I have essentially ducked out on participating in Spring & Summer, & that is totally NOT ME. Now, I'm looking forward to the cool air coming in for fall. My health bothers me a bit. I haven't been very active, so I know I cannot just go hop on the bus right yet, & go go go. My strength has suffered because of my decisions. So I know this situation is not healthy. I know I must take step by step, & work my way out of this. but I need to be CONSISTENT. Daily. I do go to the office to pay my rent. I have a friend that did live here but he moved, but he brings me food & essentials that I need. I send my card with him, so I pay for my own stuff. I trust him in that. But even too much of Him, drains my energy. It was not my plan to do this, but here I am; in this situation. I know I did it to myself. It does tend to mess with my head at times. But I do believe in God & Jesus & I pray, but not consistently. I am 65. My adult son lives in another state. There are some events that have happened in the past year, that contributed to my situation, but they are not dominate factors, but all reasons put together, I guess I let myself slip into this. I haven't really been taking care of myself……. In normal life, I have the need to get some solitude when I've been with people all day, every day. Which hasn't been for a while…..But I am very sweet & friendly when I am out & about running errands or whatever. I ride the bus, which I am hating now. I've ridden it for 16 years or so, because I had a car accident in 2003 & haven't been able to get another car. It is a little weird. So to hear you say what you have said about it not being healthy to not have any connections with people is pretty important. I was left alone quite a bit, in my home, growing up. I got used to it; there are things I like about being alone; & things I hate about it. (But I am a person that NEEDS to pull away at times tho, to recharge, get peace again, get my priorities back on track, & then I'm usually ready to venture out again & face the world.) Mostly cause by dad left us, then died a year later when I was 10. The rug was pulled out from under my life. But 'the show had to go on'…. then my sister left. then my brother left. I was there with my Mom, & it wasn't always healthy. I was a latchkey kid. But we'd gone to church all my life. I told my Mom when I was 16, I didn't want to go anymore. My life has not been all bad. I have had some very blessed experiences & some very fond memories. And this little bit I'm sharing here, is definitely NOT my whole life! It's just touching on certain things. Just lettin you know why I wanted to hear what you had to say about lonliness. Not everyone can do what you are doing…but I can see the intrigue of it. Thanks.

  14. Matt Turner
    Matt Turner says:

    Cor blimey!……I really enjoy your videos, I take on board your sound advice….but…bloody hell!!! …your ‘verbal ramblings’ and ‘wanderings into repetition’ are enough to drive a man to complete solitude, wishing never again to hear the drone of another man’s voice! Please….continue with your wonderful videos; please continue to provide us with useful tips….but please, please, please think twice before having long conversations with your camera.
    That all said, I wish you well.
    Wishing you and your family peace and contentment.

  15. charles miller
    charles miller says:

    If the wind blows all the time there , every thought of a wind mill generator to keep your batteries charged when you don't have enough sun , or have it on separate batteries while solar panel is on another

  16. geoffrey smith
    geoffrey smith says:

    excuse me if you dont mind me asking!, you said your were 21 when you started building your cabin, so how long or how many man hours do you think it took you?. by the way love your channel!, it is so relaxing to watch after a hard days work in my stinky factory lol

  17. baron hyatt
    baron hyatt says:

    I've been alone my whole fucking wife I'm 55 years old if you're having a problem with loneliness and don't go anywhere by yourself. Also you're not alone you got your dog with you I have nothing it's just me and Air and I was homeless for 10 years so I live by myself in the woods

  18. PartyUpLive
    PartyUpLive says:

    I LOVE being alone. Not lonely at all. Sometimes yes it would be great to have a friend to hang out with when I am doing nothing outside, camping, etc…but for the most part, I really do enjoy being along. But, If I were to live alone like you, I would definitely have to get a dog. I LOVE animals and I think it would be great to have a dog or two as company.

    I think a lot of people's problem is people. Not that they hate people, but they prefer either being alone or being with their pets.

    It's weird when friends want to have big get together and parties, etc… and you don't really want to go because you would rather be at home, alone, doing nothing or whatever you want. And they think you are being rude or a a-hole, but really, you're just not into crowds or even hanging out with a group on a Friday or Saturday night.

  19. Ben Sosnowski
    Ben Sosnowski says:

    I saw a river in one of your drone shots once. Look up a video by angry ram, he goes over how to convert a washing machine into a hydro generator.

    You could get all the energy you need and more with just a washing machine.


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