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Hi my name is Rob and I am building a budget off grid tiny house on a shoe string budget.

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  1. Alan McRae
    Alan McRae says:

    I'm really interested in a workable solution to your two battery two power sources problem. Looks like something super important to off grid tiny house people who start out with an assortment of different sized batteries that have different charge characteristics and possibly even different battery chemistries. Capturing ALL the power generated and using it to charge ALL available batteries and power other internal loads is vital to optimized off grid power management.

    Without a wiring diagram of your system, it would take me too much time to watch enough videos to figure it out on my own, and I've got many other projects to work on. So I'll pass on the PWM issue since I don't have enough information to form an opinion on how that might work or not.

    But I will contribute this design rubric to your efforts at electrical system re-design:
    As electric power is a precious commodity, by definition, in an off grid residence, the first design principle is to use the least amount of energy possible to solve every single problem. (That way there will be more energy stored & available for all other needs.)

    Using that engineering principle, the flaw in your current system is using a constant heating resistance element to keep a downspout ice free that could simply be mechanically shut off at its inlet source and not require any electricity at all for the remainder of the winter season.


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