Solar power's rapid growth and the myth of storage breakthrough's necessity


This video was re-recorded by RMI to serve the energy community until its original version, delivered in the TED All-Stars session in Vancouver on 18 March 2014, is posted at Copyright (c) 2014 Rocky Mountain Institute. Spreading this video for noncommercial use is permitted and encouraged.

Amory Lovins’ TED-talks on Reinventing Fire and Winning the Oil-End Game have collectively had more than one million views. To celebrate, TED invited Amory to its 2014 TED Global conference in Vancouver, Canada, to give an update on the energy transition. In this re-recording by RMI, Amory shares how solar power worldwide is now growing faster than cellphones, and debunks the myth that a reliable electricity supply from mostly or wholly renewable resources will need giant “baseload” power stations or a breakthrough in cheap electrical storage.


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  1. Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom says:

    Satellite solar power stations would provide 24/7 power and avoid the patchwork quilt described here.  You CAN do the patchwork quilt, but you wouldn't HAVE TO.

    Also, that quilt includes bulk storage, in the form of cars.  So this video saying you don't need bulk storage is claiming that one reason you don't need bulk storage is because of bulk storage.


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