SoT #36 – Jeff Brown: Solar Energy Drives Silver Demand In China


This video is about SoT Jeff Brown Solar Silver June 11

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  1. Webeneur
    Webeneur says:

    67 gigawatts worth of solar panels at 236 metric tonnes of silver per gigawatt and 32,150 ounces per metric tonne = 67 x 236 x 32,150 = 508,355,800 total ounces of silver needed to reach their goal.  That would be 101,671,160 ounces per year for the next 5 years.  With 700 to 800 million oz of global production each year,  this = 12.5% to 14.28% of the total global production during that time.

  2. Ethercruiser1
    Ethercruiser1 says:

    There are 32,151 troy ounces per metric ton. You need 236 metric tons of silver for 1 GW of solar power.
    So 67 more GW of solar power in the next 5 years will need 67 X 236 = 15,812 metric tons of silver = 15,812 X 32,151 ounces of silver = about 15.8 X 10^3 times about 32.2 X 10^3 = 508.76 X 10^6 = 508,760,000 ounces of silver over 5 years or about 100,000 ounces of silver a year.
    Between new mining of silver plus recycling of silver, there's about 1 billion ounces of silver a year coming on line for use or investment. Which means China will be using up about 10% of that each year just for solar panels over the next 5 years.
    If anyone sees an error in these calculations, please point it out! Thanks.

  3. Ethercruiser1
    Ethercruiser1 says:

    For open interest in silver to be HIGHER now at about $16/ounce compared to when it was $49/ounce makes no sense. It clearly shows manipulation.
    COMEX = CRIMEX & the people at CRIMEX are working in collusion with crooks in the government to let them get away with this nonsense. But at some point, the Free Market will kick in, they won't be able to continue their manipulations and who knows what will happen then… and I think it will likely be an explosive event (perhaps overnight) or it will be heralded simultaneously with a big government announcement. Then it will be too late to obtain physical silver.

  4. Carl Shipley
    Carl Shipley says:

    Silver is the better conductor. Heat and electricity. Gold is the 3rd most conductive element behind copper, but it doesn't tarnish. That's why you see gold plated contacts on a lot of electronics.


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