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Elon Musk's Tesla China is Crushing it!


Delivery Hell, Giga 3 Phase 2 and great China numbers.

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Tesla China has started construction on Phase 2 of Gigafactory 3 Shanghai. The upcoming building could be for the upcoming China-made Model Y program.

Drone operator Jason Yang recently shared footage of the construction site in his most recent video. Yang refers to the site as the third phase in his video. However, some refer to the previous building as Phase 1.5 because it is technically an extension of Giga Shanghai Phase 1, which houses the MIC Model 3 Standard Range Plus assembly line.

Tesla has yet to announce its plans for Gigafactory 3’s Phase 2 building, but it could potentially be used for China’s Model Y program. Elon Musk launched Tesla China’s Model Y program in January this year during the MIC Model 3’s official delivery event.

The MIC Model Y program’s launch meant that Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has already started R&D work, research, and other preparations for the affordable all-electric SUV crossover’s production. Still, neither Elon Musk nor Tesla China has announced when actual Model Y production will being in Gigafactory 3, but the groundwork seems to have started already.

Given the pace Tesla China sets for work, Phase 2 would theoretically be finished in time for Model Y assembly to begin–at least the initial release candidate versions of Tesla’s SUV crossover–sooner rather than later.

Work on the second part of Tesla’s Giga Shanghai seemed to started immediately after Phase 1.5, otherwise known as the Battery and Powertrain workshop, was finished. Based on a previous Tesmanian report, the shell of Tesla China’s Battery and Powertrain facility appeared to be near completion in December. So, Giga Shanghai must have worked on fully finishing the exterior as well as the interior of Phase 1.5 for the last couple of months.

Since work on Phase 2 has started, however, Tesla China hasn’t made any announcements about the seemingly finished Battery and Powertrain facility. Its silence is notable because news about the MIC Model 3’s new CATL cobalt-free battery has been covered extensively for the last couple of weeks. Although, Tesla China may be waiting for Battery Day to make any announcements about Giga Shanghai’s completed Phase 1.5.

Either way, Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai has obviously been working hard since its return from an extended holiday break due to COVID-19. Now, Giga Shanghai is busy catching up with Model 3 deliveries all over China.

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Solar Powered Storage | No Man's Sky Let's Play Ep 6


We need to store a bunch of stuff and we need to power our storage containers, soooo…. Thanks for watching !

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I Visited a Tesla Dealership…at the Mall | Creative Friday #8


Join me as I share in this Creative Friday the LEGO creations from the top of a mountain, in a racing tram, in the state of the art Tesla store, to the most AWESOME store of all…the LEGO store! Special thanks to all of you who submitted their own LEGO creations.

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Solar Power for Bird's nest house



1937 Solar Power


Popular Science film originally released July 2, 1937. Read more about this film at Paleofuture:

Lots of Heavy Equipment Arriving at Tesla Giga Berlin


Tesla Giga Berlin is now at a stage where a lot of heavy equipment is arriving at the construction site. In this video, I am going to show you a 7-minute long new drone video from Tesla Giga Berlin and tell you when that rubble mountain will be cleared to pave the way for the building to start. Also, see

Hello everyone. This is Armen Hareyan from Please, subscribe to this channel and ring the bell so you don’t miss my next video update from Tesla Giga Berlin, which is coming later today. Please, also like this video to show your appreciation to my friend Jurgen who in this bad weather went to Giga Berlin’s construction site and took this video for you, which I am about to show you.

This drone video was taken on Friday, March 6th at about 5PM in the afternoon. For many people, it’s the end of the day, but you can see there is a lot of activity still going on. In fact, Jurgen sent us a video several days ago showing Tesla employees working in the dusk. It seems like they are working on the second shift.

Those of you who have been closely following my daily reports from Grunheide where electric car company Tesla is building its Gigafactory 4, know that after clearing the forest there emerged a huge rubble mountain. If you haven’t seen it, you will see it in this video, and also check my yesterday’s Giga Berlin video report titled “Tesla Giga Berlin Dynamic Compaction in Bad Weather.” I will put a link to that report in the description of this video.

Now Jurgen reports that a time schedule is set for the removal of this rubble mountain. The latest in April the “rubble mountain” has to be cleared. Construction workers are working very hard on a rainy day and Jurgen managed to take these videos, which I am about to show you between showers. Let’s look at these videos now. But please, subscribe to this channel and ring the bell because my next video report will be about the natural gas pipeline coming to the construction site with video footage. Please, also like this video to show your appreciation of Jurgen’s hard work and let’s continue the discussion in the comments. Have a blessed day.

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Solar Power For Your Boat with Jeff Cote at the Seattle Boat Show


Join Jeff Cote at the Seattle Boat Show Seminar Series as he discusses solar for your boat.

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Tesla model 3 et mise à jour 2020.8.1: test complet commandes vocales! C'est le jour et la nuit!!


PS: mes excuses sur la qualité moyenne de la prise de vue (luminosité moyenne et zoom important de la video go pro) mais je pense que c’est suffisant pour ce type de démonstration.
Bravo à Tesla pour cette mise à jour des commandes vocales!!
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