Tesla 10 Secrets of Corona virus advantages. 2020 (985.7)


Tesla has at least 10 natural advantages against the corona virus that other firms do not have. The cybernaught efforts of the drednaught factory is now coming home to assist Tesla to maintain production in fremont and in china.

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11 replies
  1. Mark Eden
    Mark Eden says:

    I would like you or one of your members to start an ETF that trades puts warrants and shorts on Tesla etc
    Many of us do not have this skill to take advantage of your advice

  2. Mark Eden
    Mark Eden says:

    Your show is totally awesome
    I should quit mi job be a pattern and trade Tesla

    Better yet, why don’t you start a trading ETF account
    We could all buy some shares and profit from your knowledge


  3. Thaddeus Walker
    Thaddeus Walker says:

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  4. JS Y
    JS Y says:

    Hi Greg, let me tell you this. I spend 20 minute watching your video for only 2~4 sentences of your insight. I believe other viewers are the same as well. Your ability see insight of hard to fathom information of Tesla and future stock movement as eye of financial expert is your core core strength.

  5. Martin Muldoon
    Martin Muldoon says:

    Greg. You really seem to be ignoring the impact of this virus. If Tesla does well and the market tanks, Tesla will drop with it. Every indication points to this happening.

  6. György Névery
    György Névery says:

    Although I believe Tesla will get out winning at the end I would highlight a few things why I believe it will go much lower in the close future.

    Many signs are pointing on the fact that California will have a major outbreak, that might have serious effect on the factories. Potentially even can happen that some areas are going to be put under caranten, just as we seen in Italy today.

    I am fairly confident, that although the interest is there the uncertainty will make a lot of customers not wanting to go in depth or use up the cash for buying luxury products. Specifically in times when stocks are on discount.

    We should expect fall out of sales in US, but specially in EU, potentially even in China due to recovering from the damages after the virus.

    So I would wait a bit or begin to buy slowly on the way down. Potentially options for those who are willing to risk.

  7. Noob lade
    Noob lade says:

    If people make millions with your advices, you should be doing the same, therefore I don't understand why you need your viewers to ship in any of your projects .


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