Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting



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  1. Rugare Robin Kutinyu
    Rugare Robin Kutinyu says:

    When are you bringing Tesla products to Africa , l drove around in the model 3 in Europe and loved it we are missing out please bring your cars here too would love to be the first one driving around in the cyber track in Capetown

  2. Rick Mahnn
    Rick Mahnn says:

    I would NOT recommend investing in the company until they start selling cars directly to dealerships AND re-selling parts to the people that purchase the vehicles. The auto geeks are why CERTAIN cars made popular entry into the markets. Vehicle has parts that wear out. We run down to autozone and buy parts. Fix parts, wear parts down, buy more parts. buy MORE of the same car. Learn the industry ffs.

  3. Roy .gmail
    Roy .gmail says:

    How can I get a tesla for less? I want one or 2. I want 1 to drive and the other one to upgrade, Elon musk is about innovation no matter if someone else does it! Right? Let me in! Plz

  4. Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson says:

    If you buy a Toyota or Honda they will treat you will respect and you will get prompt service. If you try to buy a Tesla you have to deal with incompetent SLOW staff at every level!

  5. Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson says:

    Share holders only need to know 1 thing: Tesla customer service is awful and it doesn't matter how good your product is if you make your customers angry before or after they buy it.

  6. Sir Lance Goodthrust
    Sir Lance Goodthrust says:

    I love Tesla and wish them nothing but the best. But I always find it scary when the CFO sells shares almost the moment the stock price takes a tumble. As an investor that would worry me. It also worried me that so many directors were selling up, with just Elon buying in some cases. Wish nothing but the best for Tesla …. and also Elon's other endevors … he is an inspiration

  7. rope
    rope says:

    Autonomy Level 5 (Without Steering Wheel) won't happen on a full-scale, on every car. Only cars designed for it.

    I'm just saying, there's a reason that Tesla makes their cars so fast, with Ludicrous mode, Plaid mode and so on. They want Autonomy, and so do I. However, I still like the steering wheel, and I love driving my car. Obviously, autonomy would the experience out a lot, but steering wheels won't go anywhere.

  8. August Lee
    August Lee says:

    Really? You get one chance to ask Elon musk a question and you ask about submarine cars? Why not his thoughts on making the screens of the car borderless sort of like the model 3 mirror is. It’s 2020 and we still don’t have borderless screens in cars


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