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Today {12/14/2019} We take a look at the Tesla CyberTruck, its orders and how Tesla expects to take a portion of the Market Share that is already saturated by the BIG THREE. We also take a look at Truck Sales over the past year and the best selling vehicle segment. Come along for the ride!

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  1. antonkn3
    antonkn3 says:

    I drive a Man Tgx 4 Axel 35 ton construction cargohook truck. I need a service car or pickup and i orderd the cybertruck beacuse of the masive bed and the poweroutlets and air. So i can carry tools spear tiers for both the front axel and rear drive axel's. And a 240 litre diesel reserve tank. and And becuse i need to get throw mud and long range i leave in Sweden its cold and not many superchargers. And beacuse of its made of stainlesse steel and cars rust alot here. And iam tietd of Diy rust on my cars. And i love straight lines i hate the cars and trucks of today are so round makes me puke. One car I love that I have in my garage is a volvo 744 Tic 1986. Straight lines like the cybertruck. I could care less about the 0-60 times for me could be 10sec and I would be very happy. If I get long range. I don't understand why the obscetion with 0-60 I would like a mid model with the tri-motor battery so I get mabe 700 or 800 miles. That would be amazing.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I am willing to be most CyberTruck pre orders are from non truck owners. Brand loyalty amongst Ford, GM and Dodge is very strong, it will be hard for Tesla to get them to switch. I do think the CyberTruck will be Tesla's best selling vehicle in America if they can deliver on the specs and the price points they are promising.

  3. The Buzz
    The Buzz says:

    Good day everyone, thanks for tuning into the channel. Let's take a look at the Cyber Truck orders and how Tesla is going to gain some of the already saturated pickup truck market…. What are your thoughts on the Cyber Truck? It's growing on me but many still feel it's just to drastic of a design. Did you order one?


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