Tesla Cybertruck Exterior Changes – Big Changes before Release


Tesla Cybertruck exterior changes – what will they look like? In this video, I’ll take a close look at what might change on the cybertruck before it’s released! Share this with anyone who wants a cybertruck, and subscribe to become a BRUH!

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This video reflects my opinion only; numbers and data are approximate and may become inaccurate as time passes.This video may not be objectively accurate. It’s just my opinion.

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  1. David ds
    David ds says:

    Maybe you could do a video about how to bring cybertruck to europe, it available for pre order in here in france but the stupid government and its stupid laws… this is the best vehicle ever made, it must come to europe

  2. C L
    C L says:

    I am curious how the laser wipe could clear the freezing rain in extreme cold weather. Once on the high way the heavy freezing rain coming out of no where blocking the view on windshield and soon became iced all around. So Scary! Many cars simply slowed down or even stopped to clean it. I used wiper and a lot of detergent but the ice still stick on the glass.

  3. R Zee
    R Zee says:

    Elon tweeted HVAC would reach vault. A rolldown rear window would be simplest solution. A door and center aisle would be nice addition when camping and sleeping in vault but I doubt that would make it. Someone tweeted rear facing seats in vault (like model S used to have) and musk didn't confirm but replied as interesting idea.

  4. Dominic Cogan
    Dominic Cogan says:

    Really didn’t want to subscribe….not because of you only because when ever I subscribe YouTube usually says “nah you don’t actually want to see their videos”. But I subscribed and hopefully YouTube doesn’t silence you for me really like the content…..Bruh!!!!

  5. Dan Broers
    Dan Broers says:

    With over 500k pre-orders of Cybertruck, Elon will need to keep options simple. Tesla needs Cybertruck to be a production success in numbers. If they falter in production numbers, there are other E-trucks coming on the market and, this may make some who had pre-ordered a CT switch to another manufacturer. Americans love trucks and the demand for Tesla's truck are mind blowing, who knew. I like your thoughts…..good job!

  6. V Nelson
    V Nelson says:

    My guess is a wrap may be available, but most likely from aftermarket dealers. It would make no sense for Tesla to have a paint shop just for the CT. That is one of the reasons why it's so inexpensive.

  7. Kirk Kramer
    Kirk Kramer says:

    If it's registered as a 3/4 ton truck( for example the F-250), it has less regulations because it puts it into a work truck regulations ( less regulations).open the tail gate and there is brake lights on each side.

  8. Irv Lennert
    Irv Lennert says:

    You covered a lot of stuff here. Love it! I have a few ideas on some of the stuff you talked about. I agree they will not paint the Cybertruck. I was thinking if Elon is going to offer it in black, it may be an anodize, which is an electro-chemical plating process (I think). Stainless does not hold paint very well… Also paint is a very expensive process! What ever additional expense there is for the Stainless Steel, I suspect is well countered by the lack of paint and the paint process at the factory (HUGE).

    What you said about the brake lights on the tailgate. As you said, the rules can be mitigated by lights elsewhere, note there are brake lights on the bed/vault wall that is covered by the tailgate, when the tailgate is up in the closed position. When the tailgate is in the down position, of course you will not be able to see the brake light that is on the back of the tailgate but, that is when the brake lights expose themselves on the box/vault walls. Not the pictures with the tailgate down, you will notice them!

    Also suspect you are right about the rear window of the cab being movable. I think Elon tweeted as much (or maybe I'm hallucinating again), when someone was talking about the camper option that is shown on the web site. I think he indicated that there would be a way to have a camper mode that provide climate control to that area…

    Anyway, again, great job!


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