Tesla FSD Computer Algorithm Behind the Scenes – Robotaxi 2020 Possible?


Tesla FSD Computer Algorithm Behind the Scenes – 2020 Possible?

Will we see full level 4 or 5 self-driving Tesla’s and Robo Taxi’s in 2020?

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  1. cpowerca
    cpowerca says:

    bad Algorithm . Human dont assign boxes to vehicles, human understand the concept of safe and not safe through a few hours of driving experience. It's possible someone driving a weird shape vehicle and telsa fails to recognize it because it has never seen it before. In order to achieve true autonomous they need to reduce the amount of samples…and trust more on the generic intelligence

  2. realulli
    realulli says:

    Please don't forget, a normal human driver does most of these things as well. The human doesn't assign numbers to everything but he knows, ok I have to brake this or that hard to stop at the stop line. Does the FSD computer analyze picture sequences by now? You need that to detect if someone is indicating or to calculate the vecor of other objects, e.g. other cars…
    Elon said, the AP2.5 HW hasn't got the horsepower to do that, but what about AP3? Is it there yet?

  3. Kenz300 x
    Kenz300 x says:

    Elon Musk is a genius.
    He is the Edison, Tesla or Einstein of our time.
    The world will be a better place because of him and his genius.
    We are lucky he came along. He gives us hope as the Climate Crisis bears down on the world.
    He has done a lot to push the world toward solar energy and battery storage as well as sustainable transportation.


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