Tesla Gigafactory 1 Nevada | The Gigafactory Master Plan


Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada was where it all started for Tesla. Things have progressed quickly since then and it’s important to understand what’s happening where as Tesla moves toward 100% vertical integration. This will be a crucial milestone for Tesla to eventually reach a 1T market cap.
Time Stamps (will be in pinned comment as well for mobile):
00:46 – Where it all started
1:29 – Fremont factory
3:19 – Gigafactory 1
5:07 – Gigafactory 2
6:29 – Gigafactory 3
7:55 – Gigafactory 4
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We also cover:
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Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai and battery supply
Gigafactory 4 in Berlin production expectations
Tesla Fremont Factory in California
Covering Tesla’s vertical integration is crucial for Tesla to eliminate battery cell constraints and to improve production times and quality control.

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