Tesla is stealing features from you, but is it wrong?


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Today we discuss tesla’s attitude that “all your cars belong to us” when it comes to removing features from the car you own.

Teslas new salvage vehicle policy https://bit.ly/37yx60J

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46 replies
  1. Crusty Kustoms Garage
    Crusty Kustoms Garage says:

    I am not a tesla owner, but i have always wanted one. The more I read and watch about them, the more I want to go in a different direction. I think my desire for a model 3 performance model is about gone. I will still watch uncle Rich, but he has definitely change my mind on buying one.

  2. Joe Hendrickson
    Joe Hendrickson says:

    You have some good points because you are so involved in putting wrecked Tesla's back together and Tesla would rather not see any of their cars back on the road unless they can be certified. Which as a consumer and business owner makes sense to me. If you want to put wrecked Tesla's back in to operation, why don't you become Tesla Certified? On the note about the self driving
    $ 7,000 charge, it is a little unfair. If you trade in a car with self driving they should give you the new car with self driving since you are not getting credit for it when you sell it, since it does not stay with the car. I don't own a Tesla yet though I am a stock holder:) This is the first video of yours that I have seen. I don't like the ad in the middle of the video, though maybe that is how you can afford to do the video?

  3. Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster says:

    While I applaud your so-called mission, Rich, I detest most things Tesla, foremost, Elon Musk and his pretentiously overpriced toy for the rich. But hey – stay the course if that's what you're into.

  4. CryptoWarrior
    CryptoWarrior says:

    I'm not waiting on you for what you said or what you do but man….$36K for a used Tesla with 400k miles on it. For me that would be a hard pass even if it was fully loaded when I could get the standard model brand new with virtually no mileage on it for that price. As I'm not a Tesla or EV owner I'm sure I'm missing the silver lining in your decision. Anyway. Keep doing what you do and I'll keep watching.

  5. Mike Mosley
    Mike Mosley says:

    Who owns the car??
    YOU own the car, but not the software.
    You can gut the car and put a gas engine in there.
    Tesla can’t do shit.
    I will say.
    This is completely changing my mind on Tesla.
    In fact…
    Changing my mind on electric car last all together.
    Wonder what ford will do.
    Chevy still has an engine. In the volt.

  6. ryan anthon
    ryan anthon says:

    I need to look into more, but yeah that makes no sense. If the car is purchased with auto-pilot it stays with car. If not the original owner of car should never have to pay for auto-pilot again with any Tesla they buy. They can’t have it both ways.

  7. Petter olofsson
    Petter olofsson says:

    Well, if the argument is that it might be unsafe to supercharge, that would also be true for any other fast charging from third party. So then it makes sense to disable them too. But realistically it should be a quick test to see if you can have fast charging after any modifications or accidents, so the only sensible thing would be to facilitate this and make it as simple as possible

  8. Adam Hosman
    Adam Hosman says:

    Screw the haters! I love you content and what your doing. A quote that comes to mind is ‘ if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. So thank you for all that you do.

  9. Brighty McBrightface
    Brighty McBrightface says:

    9:50 … far from "genius" to build cars for four years and burden production with more complex assembly line operations, supply-side purchasing and logistics, capital expenditure (to build the factory, to develop systems that are obsolescent and never yet operational, and to build each car itself with components that are obsolete and in many (all?) cases defective, e.g. all HW3 cars will need B-pillar cameras replaced)and operating expenditure (to maintain, warranty, repair and "free" upgrades to HW3) for 3 years (!) of Tesla making FSD cars … all for deferred revenue that can't be booked till FSD works …) Far from genius, like pedestal seats and x-wing doors delaying the Model X and making it heavier and less safe than a conventional mini-van crossover full-size SUV that lacks the functionality and utility of similar vehicles … far from genius. Musk does some interesting things, but his genius is in marketing and entrepreneurism, not in designing or producing cars or software … great (best?) battery, management, motors and controllers … far from genius.

  10. Mihai A
    Mihai A says:

    The Performance has a more powerful rear motor than the AWD as stated in the User Manual. Also every other thing the Performance has over the AWD is hardware (brakes, suspension, pedals, spoiler).

  11. Dean Lewis
    Dean Lewis says:

    Preach it! You are correct on so many levels! I want one but can’t realistically afford one but I can afford some stock which I now have as well. IMO We are entering so many new realms so quickly even Elon is struggling to keep ahead of other competing technologies such as aftermarket autonomous driving systems and also aftermarket wireless charging systems. How will they handle that one? Love your channel and your work!!

  12. Tulkaz
    Tulkaz says:

    The veil of secrecy is to solidify their legal loopholes, then mass production will ensue. They will alter regulatory standards because of being on the free side of emissions.


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