Tesla Master Plan Two on The Way


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Moshe, TEI
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  1. nowtleft2
    nowtleft2 says:

    FSD is not happening in EU for long time. We had update this week which made AP worse…..can’t negotiate tight bends now, you have to grip and twitch the wheel all the time so now ma6 as well engage TACC and steer yourself so you can go around potholes, puddles etc. A HUGE backwards step in the EU for AP and FSD. It’s a EU manufactured issue to give BMW etc tine to catch up which they never will.
    Tesla should say “bollocks” to EU and keep aiming for the goal without stupid EU rules and procrastination getting in the way.

  2. nowtleft2
    nowtleft2 says:

    As a long term investor I’m not worried about profit current,y as long as excess is invested in more factories, superchargers etc. Investment as a new company is key and when I see new evs come to market that might be a Tesla alternative I always revert to thinking the supercharger network is THE huge advantage!
    Tesla, keep invest8ng spare cash so in the future you can pay us long term investors big dividends.
    Merry Christmas longs, sad New Year shorts!


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