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Tesla news this week: Elon Musk tweets a release candidate of the Tesla Model 3, Musk is unhappy with Trump’s NASA bill, Tesla to take orders on Solar roof next month, TSLA stock update and more, all in just 60 seconds!

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It looks like Tesla is now building Model 3 “release candidates” which indicates that Tesla may be ahead of the schedule. Elon Musk had posted a brief video of such a release candidate which showcased an updated front end and confirmed that it will only have one screen. This version of the Model 3 should be very close to the final production design.

Elon Musk did not hold back when asked about the new NASA authorization bill signed by Donald Trump last week. Musk expressed his disappointment stating that this bill does not change much in the way NASA funds existing programs and specifically the one for Mars.

Elon Musk also announced that their new solar roof product is almost ready for a release, and Tesla will start taking orders as early as next month. First deliveries of the solar roof are not expected until at least August of this year.

Tesla stock had closed at $263.16 on Friday pretty much unchanged for the week.

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  1. Roberto Beltramelli
    Roberto Beltramelli says:

    Hello Alex, you also are so helpful. Picking up my Model X on Tuesday. Watch you everyday on smart TV's with no keyboard but today i thought i would post a comment to you. Thank you for your efforts. I plan to install the Solar Roof and Power Wall here and value your judgement!


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