Tesla Model Y Range Increases and February Release?


For today, just a couple quick updates about the Tesla Model Y. A Model Y was spotted testing in Snow, and the CARB certification came hinting at an imminent release, and increased ranges for the Model Y.

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First up, a Model Y was spotted in the wild testing in the snow by Christopher Radoff in the northern Sierra Nevada range. Great to see a Model Y in the Snow.

What can be gleaned from this video is that Tesla is paying a little more attention to colder climates, which has been a little bit of an issue in the past since they’re headquartered in California, which rarely has snow.

Next up, The Model Y Performance officially received its CARB certification which standards for California Air Resources Board. The reason this is significant is that when Tesla received their CARB certification for the Model 3, it was 25 days before deliveries began.

So basically, the Model Y is probably finalized, and ready for production. 25 days away? Possibly, but I’m not getting my hopes up. With Model 3, delivering as soon as possible was vital for Tesla. For the Model Y, Summer 2020 is already ahead of schedule, so I don’t think they will be quite as anxious.

So, if Tesla sitting on a lot of Model Y pre-orders, the car is finalized, they got their CARB certification, and they have the capacity ready to start producing them, I don’t see why they wouldn’t start as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that Tesla always begins by delivering the most expensive model of their cars. So, with the Model Y starting production, they will more than likely begin deliveries of the Performance version.

The other aspect of the CARB certification is likely confirming something that I’ve said in all of my other videos. Tesla has still listed the top range of the Model Y long-range RWD at 300 miles, with the AWD and performance at 280 miles.

Over at Gigafactory 3 Shanghai, Tesla has officially launched their Model Y program to build the Made-In-China Model 3 for the Chinese market. Keep in mind that this Made-In-China version is only for the Chinese market. US Tesla deliveries will still be produced in Fremont, CA.

The CARB certification uses a process called Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule of UDDS to calculate the range of an electric car is absolutely perfect conditions. So before I say how many miles, keep in mind, this is by no means real-world range, and real-world ranges end up being about 70% of this number.

But, the UDDS listed the Model Y at 441.91 miles.

So, if we do some math based on how UDDS typically translates to EPA ranges, the performance should get about 309 miles of range, which is almost the same 310 miles of range as the Model 3 performance. So, still estimating here, and taking into the account the larger size of the Model Y compared with the Model 3’s true range, I’d say the Model 3 performance could be around 300 miles of EPA range when it releases.

For the Long Range RWD, the one I pre-ordered, and the cheapest available until the standard range comes next year, if we do the same calculations, we’re probably looking at around 320 miles. That again is only 2 miles less than the Model 3 for a car that’s 10% bigger, and also the model 3 to with 322 miles is AWD, and these estimates aren’t perfect, so I’ll go with 310 miles.

Even so, if we get 310 miles of range, an extra 10 miles is great, especially since the useable range is never quite as high as the EPA range. So if the car releases at 310 miles, hopefully, you can actually get close to 300 miles in real life.

Again, keep in mind that these are estimates, but they’re based on Model 3 which is 75% the same as the Model Y, so they’re hopefully pretty accurate.

What do you think the final ranges of the Model Y will be? And when do you think we’ll see the first deliveries? Leave a comment below, and let me know! And once again, thank you to my 3000 subscribers, and everyone who has watched any of my videos. I really appreciate. Make sure you’re subscribed to stay up to date on everything Tesla and Model Y specifically. I’ll be doing a lot of videos, especially once I get mine delivered, so stay tuned for that, and thanks again for watching, I’ll see you in the next video.

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24 replies
  1. dweiss1
    dweiss1 says:

    I hoped and frankly expected the range to increase. A range of 280 miles, while great when compared to other vehicles, it is a bit low for a new Tesla model. Thank you for giving me some evidence that it very well likely will increase.

  2. Tom Crisp
    Tom Crisp says:

    Model Y deliveries will keep the momentum going – needed now that fed incentives are over for Tesla. If I had Musk's ear, I'd suggest they also immediately make a few minor but desired (if you believe owners) changes to the model 3 as they roll out the Y: power trunk lift; matte finish instead of the piano black cubby doors; possibly a small and inconspicuous readout in the dash in front of the driver (speedo, range left on charge …); all at no increase in price (of course whatever they're doing differently in the Y may carry over anyway.) They might also now offer the 3 in a "sport trim" package as an option or as part of the Performance model, and gain some of those dollars that are going to aftermarket sellers: black window trim (like the Y), possbily black door handles, side mirrors and skirting. Give a little boost to the 3 to keep it selling as the top range Y comes on the scene.

  3. onlineo
    onlineo says:

    10 extra miles useful but put a heat pump in the Y please. This would add 30 miles to the real world range when using the heater. Which is 90% of my journeys here in the UK.

  4. Carlos Espinel
    Carlos Espinel says:

    I feel it’s going to be sooner than later. During the holidays our local Tesla showroom here in Tampa,Fl. Emptied their showroom. It was wired seeing no cars in there. Now they rearranged everything and only have a model 3 and an X. Looks like they’re gearing up to park the Y. Out with the S. They can’t spell S3XY in our showroom. It’s not big enough -I guess..

  5. Chris Wentz
    Chris Wentz says:

    Model 3 P is using about a .65 multiplier on it’s CARB rating. If you apply that to 441 that gets you 282 miles for Y performance, right on their projection. So maybe more range, but i wouldn’t set that expectation for people.

  6. Roger Huston
    Roger Huston says:

    Range is not always a problem in snow, depends where you keep your car. If it's in a garage, it's usually not a problem. If you keep it outside all the time in the snow, we'll, you're an idiot.

  7. Roger Huston
    Roger Huston says:

    There is a lot of snow in CA, and it's 3 or 4 HR drive from Tesla HQ. I live in near Lake Tahoe and this year I'm starting to see more Teslas in winter. The problem is not the car, but the drivers. Most who visit don't know how to drive in snow. I've seen some slow Teslas on the road, none with chains yet.

  8. Rohit Kurup
    Rohit Kurup says:

    I have a model Y on order. However I also had to order a Model 3 unexpectedly (car got totaled) and now delivery is backed up by 8-11 weeks. This changed in 10 days over the course of the new year (last year they had dozens of M3 cars being shipped every day but I couldn't take delivery) so I suspect production has shifted to Model Y.

  9. XP-8 TIM
    XP-8 TIM says:

    "$61,000 for 280 miles of range is kinda low." Meanwhile, all the competition is charging way more $ for way less miles of range: Porsche Taycan $180,000 for 201 miles of range lol 🤣

  10. 96EEng
    96EEng says:

    Looking forward to the release of Model Y. Maybe I can pick up a Used Model 3 D or M3P. Also hoping the sales are going to skyrocket the stock even more as Crossovers are outselling sedans.


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