Tesla Model Y Sightings In The Wild – Complete Compilation


It’s back! My complete compilation of Tesla Model Y sightings in the wild with a few updates at the end of the video.

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Alright, first up, we have the very first sighting of the Tesla Model Y in public.
Next up was the annual shareholders meeting in June, when the Model Y was featured next to the Semi and Roadster! These photos courtesy of vincent13031925 on twitter, as well as @sofiaan on twitter, and Tesla raj.

Then, in May of 2019, Chargepoint posted a Model Y sighting on their twitter. I n October of 2019, there was a video of a Tesla Model Y in the wild spotted near Palo Alto posted on the youtube page TeslaFan.

A few days after that, @brianarmer on twitter posted a video of the Model Y in normal traffic conditions out in Washington state. Additionally, you can see the Model Y vs Mercedes GLA 250.

Around this time, another sighting happened in Washington with photos at a supercharger posted by Shamus Johnson on twitter.

Next up, a Red Model Y sighting was spotted by reddit member detroit_kp313 who caught a video of the Model Y overtaking him on a road in Bay City, Michigan.

Around this same time, the midnight silver metallic Model Y was caught right next to a Model 3 at a supercharger, Photo credit to Mario Borisov.

Another Model Y was spotted at Gigafactory 1 over in Nevada, this time in bright red. These photos were posted by @TeslaOwnersofMA on twitter.

Next was one of the best extended videos of the Model Y we’ve seen to date. Recorded by kenken380 with his Model 3 dashcam. In it, We see Model 3 vs Model Y
Model Y vs BMW X5.
Model Y vs Mazda SUV

A few days after this, a red Model Y was spotted by reddit member The_xenocide.

Next up, a white Model Y! These photos are credited to garrickk8 on Reddit.

Around this same time, a Model Y was spotted out in Barstow at a Supercharger that is usually a stop between LA and Las Vegas. This video was posted on Reddit by ChooChooSparky.

Then, in December, a video of the Model Y on display resurfaced on social media and it gives us a little glimpse into the third row of seats.

After this, or possibly before, we saw an image of a blue model y at a supercharger, but this time it showcased the tow hitch. Photo credit goes to mattdgonzalaz on reddit.

Next, we got a pretty excited drone video off a Model Y out on a test track taken by @looking__closer on twitter.

Then, someone posting on Tesla Owners East Bay drove by a Model Y at the WalnutCreek superchargers.

And then, one of the best sightings we’ve seen to date happened near Christmas of 2019. A beautiful white Model Y spotted in two separated locations in California. First, Grant Cassingham noticed the Model Y at a supercharger in San Luis Obispo, and took these beautiful photos. Notice how much of a difference you can see in the window height of the Model Y vs the Model 3 next to it.

Alright, next is a black Model Y prototype spotted by John Kraus all the way in florida.

To celebrate the end of 2019, a Model Y performance, with red calipers was spotted in Washington and San Francisco. Video credit here goes to the youtube amount Daily Night Society, and the following photos are credited to eric, @ewalt25 on twitter.

Then, a covered Model Y was spotted by Redditor gamerike, who measured the model Y and noted the 65 inch height.

Around the same time, a Model Y on a truck was spotted by @jzpchen on twitter.

Shortly after this, a Model Y was spotted in the wild in San Mateo, California by Avi Horowitz whose video was posted on electrek.

And lastly is the longest and closest video we’ve seen of the Model Y to date, taken by twitter user Zack, @BLKMDL3 .

Another awesome size comparison came when someone in a Model 3 was parked next to a Model Y. In this photo you can see how far up the side of the Model 3 the Model Y’s mirror is. It goes up nearly half of the window, showcasing just how much bigger the Model Y truly is. This was posted by sk8erpunc on reddit.

And lastly to finish up, here is a quick compilation of every other photo I could find of the Model Y on twitter. Credit to omg_tesla, @teslaconomics, @guglielo, @tesladylan, @philibetakitten, @supermantibody, @teslavangelist, @dariocazzani, tuttle123 on reddit, @sirjohnsgresham, @sfteslaclub, @alvinfoo, @teslaownersSV

28 replies
  1. John Jump
    John Jump says:

    Skipped through to the end – didn't have time to watch it all while I am supposed to be getting ready for work, but I will come back to see it all! Thanks for collecting all of these shots!

  2. elpanda88
    elpanda88 says:

    Isn’t any photo showing the trunk open on a 5seat model y?!? Haven’t seen one yet and it’s determinant for me on being able to understand real differences on cargo space between m3!!

  3. Donald Harwicz
    Donald Harwicz says:

    Thank you for putting together all these picture. I am a model y reservation hold. I have reserved the rear wheel long range trim. Has anyone heard of what Tesla is going to do? Since it no longer an option on the website. I sent a message to Tesla but haven’t heard back. Just wondering
    Thank you

  4. AbJasm
    AbJasm says:

    I order model 3 performance and this month I will receive the car but I love model Y more than 3, so should I wait 2 years for model y or take model 3 now and trade for model y after 2 years?

  5. Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner says:

    it is practically a slightly bigger model 3 with a higher back/trunk.
    i think it will hit the sweet spot of a lot of buyers.it will also take away quite some model 3 sales. they need to lower the price of the model 3 to keep the factory line nearly at 100% capacity when the model Y output gets to 100%


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