TESLA Navagate On AutoPilot Drives Me The WRONG WAY Into ONCOMING TRAFFIC!


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27 replies
    BUGSNY says:

    Bro I own a model x and autopilot is not full self driving bro you still have to pay attention that’s number 1. 2nd that’s an express lane that miss exit ramp if you don’t need to come off and these lane have time schedule because they change directions so if you don’t want that to happen to u again u have to stay in the middle lane. And don’t say Tesla need to lawyer up it to much people out here already want Tesla to fall and you as a Tesla own should not say that unless u the type that just buy a Tesla and hope something happen to you so u can sue. Just be careful out there and make people like Tesla not hate it and make them not want to buy it let them like it ok so take care and watch my videos lol

  2. Vince Irv
    Vince Irv says:

    HOV/premium lanes usually have set times where they are going in certain directions. The navigation systems know those times. When there is an influx in traffic going in a certain direction the HOV doesn’t follow its normal schedule and adjust to traffic needs. Navigation systems aren’t always aware of that. That is probably what happened in your situation.

  3. crystal costa
    crystal costa says:

    but doesnt that express pattern change? like at certain times you can go in those lanes with the flow of traffic and other times it's reversed? Tesla cant predict when they change directions. stay out of the left lane and you should be ok. ty

  4. Dom Warnaar
    Dom Warnaar says:

    I enjoy your videos but seriously. There’s a reason your behind the wheel. Go back and watch videos of people saying their cruse control wouldn’t turn off in the 90’s

  5. Mab 07
    Mab 07 says:

    Believe it, navigate on autopilot doesn't read road signs, it only follows the map. If the road was closed recently and the map were not yet updated by Google, the car will NEVER KNOW OR READ THE SIGNS TJAT THE ROAD IS CLOSED. That's why Tesla won't have to lawyer up because they read me the drivers that the system is not full self driving vehicle and the driver needs to take over incase of what just happened to you.

    Again don't throw away your life by ignoring the current capabilities of autopilot. Well unless you received a new update that says it can now read highway road signs. If not, then know that autopilot will never know if the road is closed or not.

  6. goforkranthi79
    goforkranthi79 says:

    Report the exact spot, do they still allow that voice bug reporting? So the next driver doesn't have to find out the hard way
    Looks like it was following the Google maps route and it might've been closed down recently…


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