TESLA Navigate on AutoPilot FAIL in HEAVY RAIN on DC Beltway | 2019.12.1.2


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12 replies
  1. bwilson4web
    bwilson4web says:

    Even at 2x speed, it was too long. Let me suggest doing the same route with and without rain. Then do a compare and contrast of specific points.

    Understand I have no interest in Navigate on Autopilot until the second hardware generation arrives. As for camera fidelity, my Model 3 has a built-in dash cam that shows the front and two side views. Add them to a playback and you'll have a better picture.

  2. Victor Lukito
    Victor Lukito says:

    On our new model 3 (assumed we have the latest update since we just got it last week), you need to double tap the shifter and be on navigate on Autopilot which is a solid single blue line instead of the 2 blue lines (regular autopilot). Adilongaify mentioned that below.

  3. heylongcom
    heylongcom says:

    You can't use NoA in poor weather. Also when it is in NoA, it should only show a single blue line. This is expected behavior. I didn't see any fails during first 4 mins.

  4. goforkranthi79
    goforkranthi79 says:

    I guess the wipers getting turned on are a failsafe to detecting rain! That's how I guess the system knows it's raining and limits the autopilot or navigate on autopilot at least…
    I hope with the new chip all this won't matter, the new chip and connecting to the fleet?…
    TBH everyone else on the road is struggling with the weather and on edge to break and look at all the traffic on their way where as you've the luxury to film and sit back, take a caffeine pill even to stay awake so it's already way much better than every other car on road. A lil bit more thankfulness and less complaining will do

  5. adilongaify
    adilongaify says:

    At 1:00 you were not on navigate on autopilot. Look the dashboard, when the tesla is on Noa you can see in the dashboard the car following a blue line but when it's not in it show the two blue line between the car which is the regular autopilot.


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