Tesla, Solar, and Smart Homes – Viewer Q&A


I asked everyone for questions for a Q&A episode, and boy did you deliver! Let’s talk about Tesla and the future of EVs, which car companies are getting disrupted, investing in solar, and smart home technology. We’re covering all of the bases in this one.

00:52 – What’s the most expensive gadget you’ve bought?
01:52 – Will EV SUV and trucks sell well?
02:57 – What’s your wife’s favorite smart home gadget?
03:56 – Where is the solar break over point?
05:06 – Smart home security
06:20 – When will EVs be the default choice?
07:12 – What are some good IFTTT applets to get started?
08:00 – Kiss, marry, kill: Tesla, Home Automation, Solar
08:40 – Is it good to use Alexa?
09:34 – Do I still like Hubitat?
10:08 – Why did I choose Hubitat over Home Assistant?
11:00 – Automation rules for thermostat
11:35 – Is Tesla’s prowess in battery technology overblown?
12:51 – My editing/gaming setup
14:21 – What legacy auto manufacturers will be fatally disrupted?
15:44 – A little bit about me
18:57 – Dexter’s Lab?

Website: https://undecidedmf.com/episodes/2019/9/10/tesla-solar-and-smart-homes-viewer-qampa



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36 replies
  1. SunGoldPower
    SunGoldPower says:

    his is Crystal from sungoldpower company, it's our pleasure to contact you

    Our company sell solar panel product, we know you are interested in solar panel, so we would like to invite you to test our product for free, would you like to accept our invitation ? if yes, pls contact us: sales@sungoldpower.com, your quick reply and kind help will be highly appreciated.

  2. kardy12
    kardy12 says:

    I agree that out of the legacy car makers the one that has taken the switch to EVs most seriously is VW. That’s undoubtedly been sped up by the diesel gate scandal, but at least the scandal has had some positive outcomes too.

    Mercedes is also interesting, as they recently announced that they are ending R&D into ICE engines to focus on EVs. The EQC is also a decent first full EV model, though it still needs work.

    I’d add BMW to the flailing list. The i3 was an excellent first EV and could have provided a strong platform to build on. But they’ve dropped the ball, much like Nissan who had a first mover advantage but have made very little progress on the LEAF after it’s first release. Particularly the lack of liquid cooling is a glaring omission even in the new larger battery version when it’s the only one that doesn’t have it and costs nearly as much as a Model 3.

  3. Lee Proffitt
    Lee Proffitt says:

    Matt if you say you moved away from Amazon Alexa for security issues, Google home has the very same problems with ( what i would call spying) always listening and recording what goes on in the home , i dont see a difference between the two, can you explain why i could be wrong in this case. thank you for your time Matt

  4. fatboy19831
    fatboy19831 says:

    FCA has the Pacifica plugin. If they can get a little more range and production cost down they could sell half a million a year. That is really an excellent Minivan.

    If Crysler can produce a 200-mile range electric Minivan under 40k that alone would secure the companies future. There are too many other things going wrong with FCA.

  5. fatboy19831
    fatboy19831 says:

    Toyota will produce the worlds first sub 30k 200-mile range fast-charging, electric car. It will have a new battery technology. It will be slow, boring and very reliable. They will make money on it. Only then will they mass-market electric cars. No matter what Toyota says publicly. Toyota has been working on a mass-market electric program car for at least 10 years. The C.E.O of Toyota is a huge fan of Tesla and practically gave them the Fremont factory.

  6. Mr CarCrazy
    Mr CarCrazy says:

    Thank you for addressing my questions. Greatly appreciate it. I’m down in Texas where overall the cost of electrons is rather cheap, but I’m going to start researching solar soon. We use a ton of electricity due to the weather here and if prices keep falling it should be worthwhile soon as electricity rates only go up.

    Loved the security video on IOT items. I also run an Eero, and am going to move my IOT stuff to the guest like you described.

    Thanks again!

  7. john capwell
    john capwell says:

    You made the comment that solar for your house was low on the list of carbon trade offs. I believe you said there were better alternatives for you. Would you expand on that please. Thank you.

  8. FangedFreak
    FangedFreak says:

    As a fellow gamer, I'm so happy to hear you're also into VR! I bought the PSVR 2 years ago and I've absolutely loved it!! 😀

    Looking at buying a house next year with my partner and I'm definitely looking for rooms that would be big enough to use VR, unlike my old flat which was super pokey I couldn't even get 6ft away from my TV.

  9. Paul Desruisseau
    Paul Desruisseau says:

    Way too many ppl think others don’t care about the personal stuff… guess what, when you touch others lives with valuable content, and teachings on super interesting things the way you have… people do care and are super interested to know more about the creator. Another great vid Matt! Ps- can you consider joining up with the NowYouKnow guys? Zach and Jesse touch on similar topics and have a similar approach… thanks again!

  10. Tong Tran
    Tong Tran says:

    The time to buy solar is now. If you can’t afford the huge upfront costs, Tesla solar has a new plan for as little as 50bucks/month, no contract, and free installation

  11. m kilpatrick
    m kilpatrick says:

    Remember when the Volkswagen was the cheap no frills car of the past and anybody could afford one? Could it be they are coming back to shake up the expensive automobile market with a electric car that most people can afford, and work off of volume of sales? We'll see.
    You do a wonderful job of presenting information that is clear and to the point. No useless time wasting.

  12. Kobus du Toit
    Kobus du Toit says:

    You spoke about electric vehicles getting cheaper. I believe governments will start taxing electric vehicles more and more because they know they can't get any petrol tax from you. Australia is already charging $20k more for a Model 3. There are states in the USA that charge 1k licensing for an EV. Governments will push hydrogen cars because they can tax you.


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