Tesla Solar Roof: Cost, Pricing & Savings


Tesla Solar Roof follow up video with the home owner talking about the cost, pricing, savings and comparison to having regular solar panels on your house.

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49 replies
  1. Max Passion
    Max Passion says:

    70k-100k for a new roof with solar . . . what in the world!?!?!?!? Ridiculous. $50k for a new roof on it's own? This is total BULLSHIT!!!!! Give me a break. This is all made up.

  2. Akshay Patravali
    Akshay Patravali says:

    this is great video and I was looking for such info. I am currently in process of solar roof installation (with a timelapse video that will directly be sent to Elon Musk :)) and also getting a Model X. Cant wait to start using solar. Couple of follow up questions:
    1. Did you figure out the federal tax rebate?
    2. How is the solar roof performance after 1 year.
    3. any other advice/suggestions that I can follow?

    Keep up the good work @Alex

  3. Chris W
    Chris W says:

    Just got my Tesla roof estimate and I have to say I am very disappointed.

    My roof is 3147 sf and the cost was $88,587. This would not be bad, but the size of the solar system is 7.86Kw Which would produce only a third of the electricity needed for the year. Solar portion 706 sf @ $51.44 sf ($36,316.64) non-solar portion 2440 sf @ $21.42 sf ($52,264.80). The 706 sf was the maximum size system they could put on the roof as Tesla has limitations. (Whole roof has no obstructions gets sunlight from dawn to dusk).

  4. Jonny O
    Jonny O says:

    This is goofballs. Even in San Jose, one of the priciest RE and labor markets in the country, NO WAY would a new roof cost 50k. And typical 10kw solar is 25 – 35k before the 30% tax credit. All in, this is at least double the cost of a conventional roof and solar, and in some parts of the country, triple the cost.

  5. Lorenzo Sewell
    Lorenzo Sewell says:

    This is all bran new technology, and we should be grateful that it actually exist, how many other wealthy individuals, and I am saying very wealthy for generations, and they did not invest, or invent anything, let us be grateful for Elan Musk, and is team of engineers for all their effort, dedication and personal sacrifices to bring us this technology, give thanks for the good, or go back to the old utility monopoly!

  6. Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke says:

    I’m from Houston Tx, and a new 30 years roof in a 2300 sf home is $15,000. And that’s a high end roof.

    Idk about California. I know houses cost hell of a lot more there but $50,000?? WTH?? May be I should move there n start a new roofing Co.

    Hopefully this solar thing is a lot cheaper in 10 years so I can build my retirement home with that altogether in the Texas Hill country. bc I love the concept. There is a hell of a lot of sun there I can tell you that much.

  7. mandals33 m
    mandals33 m says:

    i did my 27 square roof for 2500$…i installed it my self..this is way over priced an would only be worth it if they allowed you to make money off the excess power u dont use. or if u go on vacation you could sell all the power ur roof is collecting…..but big brother will always have his hand in ur pocket

  8. Ric777888
    Ric777888 says:

    I ran the numbers, as long as nothing breaks prematurely, its a great deal over the long haul. If Tesla gets the prices down, the power companies should be worried. But their in bed with the govt so they'll be fine. My fear is they'll divert Your power during peak hours to the grid before your pw is topped off. During the winter that's a problem bc if you have multiple pw's it may take all the sun you can get to top them off especially if you have e cars draining them down at night.

  9. aaron4820
    aaron4820 says:

    35k sounds reasonable for the solar roof, however you must factor in the fact that this is very much Tesla's idea of closed beta testing, chances are Tesla is losing a lot of money to this particular customer as part of an R&D process, it's one thing to make it work for this customer, whole other story to make it sustainable and profitable while further increasing affordability. Case in point the Model 3 is still proving to be challenging to meet the magical $35,000 per car mark. This is exciting though, look forward to the development..!

  10. Amit Shekhawat
    Amit Shekhawat says:

    This guy said that it costs $100k for the roof. And also that he has installed on his pre-existing roof. And for this guy, it's installed by tesla. So no one really knows who paid for it… And how much.

  11. Lucian 530
    Lucian 530 says:

    10,000 is going rate for a roof my brother has a roofing co and he says 50,000will roof a 20,000sq ft house that's architecture shingles gaurantee for 30 years …your numbers are way off

  12. mrspeigle1
    mrspeigle1 says:

    I would be interested in seeing a materials and labor breakdown, Silicon Valley cost of living seems to be coming in to play on that price tag it would be good to know what you're going to pay for just normal USA prices

  13. Kent H
    Kent H says:

    I agree with dude below. 50K for a roof? And it is a simple roof? Even in California. What if the roof leaks? This whole concept is crazy. Dow chemical tested a system for years, as well as several other companies, and all failed. And they say don't walk on it, but expects it to last with rain and hail. This technology is dead on arrival. Just a con to enable Tesla to bail our solar city.

  14. clubjdubb
    clubjdubb says:

    The question is does it actually add value to your home. because if you sell you'll get that money back. Does it lower your home owners insurance. Will they cover it if there's an accident.

  15. LFOD7491
    LFOD7491 says:

    I just discovered that Tesla WILL NOT perform an OFF-GRID installation. For inexplicable reasons, they MUST be tied to a grid and will not even do business unless your utility company is on their very short list of approved suppliers!


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