Tesla unveils solar-batteries for homes | Tech News


Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla Motors, announces the company’s entry into the energy market, unveiling solar batteries to power homes and business.
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Speaking at a factory near Los Angeles, Musk describes the move as a ‘fundamental’ change to energy delivery across the world. Tesla plans to start shipping the batteries, which will cost at $3,500 (£2,290), in the US by this summer.

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16 replies
  1. DinduNuffin
    DinduNuffin says:

    Can someone tell me how much power does this battery generate in average during the day?
    I guess it depends on how sunny the day is and where you live. I see in specs capacity is 6.4kwh, but in reality, i guess it should be summer noon to accumulate that much power?

  2. P Dubs
    P Dubs says:

    we will never switch over from oil and normal hydro…the elite will never allow it…this world will be destroyed even before it could come to fruition. good on Tesla Motors though to come up with this!! If I eve buy a house I will buy this batterry (unless by that time the elite stop it from being available, which is very likely..in some of the US states, it is illegal to be off the grid)

  3. Jay Ribby
    Jay Ribby says:

    No offense but this guy stutters way too damn much to be a presenter, I could barely make out what he was trying to say and it takes away from the impact of the presentation

  4. Mark Ritter
    Mark Ritter says:

    "What we're talking about tonight is a fundamental transformation about how the world works." Elon Musk presents this concept with a very low-key delivery. My reaction was somewhat less low -key – "HOLY SHIT!"


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