Tesla369 Solar Disc – Scientifically Proven Positive Energy Pendant



Do you want to Feel Better? Do you want to have More Energy? Do you want to improve Quality of your life in Natural way?

You are on the right place, because our Tesla Solar Disc may be the only energy pendant you will ever need. Based on the Nikola Tesla’s inventions and technology, as well as Tesla’s thoughts on Free Energy, frequency and vibration – Tesla Solar Disc will deliver Positive Effects beyond your expectations.

See Beneficial Effects of Tesla Solar Disc:

Tesla Solar disc Improves quality of life in many ways, Accelerates cell regeneration, Elevates personal energy levels, Protects from electromagnatic radiation and the most important – Slows down Aging process.

Produced of the highest quality materials, Scientifically Proven in Institute of Bioelectro-magnetics and new Biology, Tesla Solar Disc is the product that You will love for sure.

See Official Scientific Research:

Tesla Solar Disc can also be described as Quantum Tachyon Energy Pendant. It works on the principles of Nikola Tesla’s inventions, primarily the inventions on how to utilize radiant (tachyon) energy.

It acts like antenna and transmitter of tachyons, the particles (primary substances) that are travelling faster than light, for which Tesla was claiming that are the most important for every creation in the Universe. The idea of making Tesla Solar Disc came from the first step of creating the Tesla Purple Plate.

Tesla Solar Disc is made of aluminum, Nikola Tesla’s favourite metal, for which he wasn’t hiding his enthusiasm in his autobiography. Tesla Solar Disc is Scientifically Proven to change water crystals for the better, and since our body is about 70% water, it accelerates cell regeneration and slows down aging process.

See The Story Behind Tesla Solar Disc:


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