The Future Of Gaming In Your Tesla 🎮


Is your Model 3 a $40,000 electric vehicle, or a $40,000 video game console? Both!! In the past year Tesla has began to launch video games you can play in your car. I think this is a sneak preview of entertainment in a self-driving/autonomous future & an amazing example of the possibilities that over the air software updates enable. In the long-term, Tesla’s active user/driver/rider-base will be in the Ms (~800K today) and offer a compelling opportunity for 3rd party app & game developers … I think video games alone could be a $1B+ business for the company in the long-run … Am I crazy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

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LINK – article about Elon Musk’s Blastar video game:
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Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence. As of 12/21/2019 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Arcimoto (FUV), Snap (SNAP) and long Maker & Bitcoin.

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  1. Vikas Kothari
    Vikas Kothari says:

    Hi Bro.
    If you can do research about sedan and suv sold in India in last 3 years and compare those to model 3 and model Y price points.
    If you can make a video about Tesla chances to penetrate in India by comparing the Toyota honda Audi BMW cars sold in Tesla model 3 and Y price points if would be great help to us people of India by spreading word.
    You have so much audiences even Tesla and other car manufacturers see ur video of EVs.
    Cool suggestion
    Giga America -Giga China – Giga Berlin (Europe) – Next Giga – India?
    We have 1.7 Billion population, we have superb sales of high end cars in India also many factories of GM Ford Hyundai Toyota Honda Suzuki Nissan Kia MG & many others, why can't Tesla come to India and save on import tarifs by manufacturing in India and sell 10-15k cars a month.
    Kia seltos, MG Hector , Hyundai Creata and others SUVs sales are like 7-8k units per month each manufacturer which are same price as Tesla model 3 base model.

  2. Marco Nierop
    Marco Nierop says:

    Actually the first product has been launched for their Tesla store.. The $2000 Model 3 AWD update to get 0.5 seconds faster 0-60 acceleration.. its happening guys, before you know it Tesla has a 'Tesla Store'

  3. Peter DeCristofaro
    Peter DeCristofaro says:

    Second Thought.. Tesla's have adjustable air suspension. Your car could be a Sim POD like a flight simulator. Car races would be extra realistic with the banking and bumps of driving by having computer control of the suspension system WOW!

  4. Peter DeCristofaro
    Peter DeCristofaro says:

    How about the "30 Min, Tesla Charge Up Challenge"! a car race game you would play when doing a 30 min super charge. Could be a single player race or against others in real time also doing a 30 min charge up. You could have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly high score winners, and leader boards in all categories. Prizes? Tesla merch etc.

  5. Pedro Coelho Silva
    Pedro Coelho Silva says:

    What about car interior design for infotainment? Wouldn't make. Sense to add more screens for the other passengers? At least back seat one's, they could already have stronger infotainment even without FSD

  6. Florestan Trément
    Florestan Trément says:

    In term of direct revenue, software app is change, for Tesla. Because, how could anyone's software spending be anywhere comparable to the price of the car? It is, however, an attractive possibility to the yet undecided customer.

  7. D R-K
    D R-K says:

    Not only is gaming in car going to be huge… think about popular apps now that you have on your other device, such as your phone. Imagine doing morning guided mediation, learning a language and being able to chat with an instructor or native speaker who is driving a Tesla to practice your ability, taking a course while commuting ( like those masterclasses offered online) or just doing what we can do today… watch Youtube or Hulu.

    The future of mobility is something new and different than any generation before. Exciting to be an investor as this company goes next level… again.

  8. Hello Hello
    Hello Hello says:

    Do you really think we would choose to play games on our Tesla screen over our iPhone? For Tesla to catch up to iPhone in terms of app selection and platform, it would be never.

  9. Dario Mijač
    Dario Mijač says:

    Can you make a video on FSD and robotaxis. I did some calculations and it end's up Tesla being 4 trillion company in next 10 – 15 years. It sounds too much but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.

  10. George Schieck
    George Schieck says:

    I understand the attraction of games, and even their utility. But it seems to me that games are only just scratching the surface of all the possibilities of interaction with learning, with the rest of the world, with A.I.. I would also be very interested, much more interested, in being able to listen to educational material – lectures, explanations, documentaries, etc., in all fields – the sciences, humanities, economics, music, engineering, and so on. Also I'd be very interested in literary or artistic presentations and outlets, such as audiobooks, orchestral performances, the theatre, artistic depictions and presentations and lessons, etc.. And so on. There could be no limit to the possibilities of this sort of thing. It needn't be just passive listening or observing, but could also involve participation and/or interaction – either as a classroom, or as a kind of learning or teaching tool, and so on. Once Tesla is fully autonomous, taking a drive could then become an exciting opportunity for new experiences, for new learning, and so on. Indeed, wanting to learn something new and/or to have new experiences might then translate into wanting to go to the Tesla for a relaxing ride – wherever, whenever – while pursuing these other interests. Subscriptions might be provided for following the performances and practice sessions of professional music ensembles, of dance troupes, of lecture halls, of laboratory procedures, of urban planning sessions or of wildlife management, of political discussions, and so on and so on. The unequivocal cornerstone of any and every healthy society is quality education, quality experiences, quality interaction, and Tesla provides a wonderful opportunity to assist in this very exciting arena! This is marvelous! (btw: the recent "Third Row" podcasts were especially interesting and helpful!)

  11. sunny deng
    sunny deng says:

    Tesla partner with Tencent in China, possible Samsung in South Korea, Apple in the USA. This level of customization, customer service and satisfaction is incompatible. Oh there you go another income stream for Tesla.


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