The Late Start | The Texarkana Border On Our Family 5,883 Mile Tesla Model S Road Trip


This morning we check out the Texarkana Texas/Arkansas border then we continue on to Mobile Alabama where we stay at a hotel with a FAST 80 amp destination charger.

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In this video series I go over the details of how well our used/CPO 2015 Tesla Model S 85D performs on this 5,883 mile winter cross country road trip from Salt Lake City, UT to Orlando, FL with my young family of 5 for Christmas. Over the next few weeks/months I’ll be publishing videos for each travel day of this trip as I can make the time to sort through all my pictures and video from the trip. My goal in creating these videos is to educate Tesla owners on what their vehicles are capable of, and prospective Tesla owners what they can expect out of their future Tesla (at least as much as I can only having the Model S 85D so far) and any limitations we run into. In each video I’ll also review our data logs to give you specifics around vehicle performance driving and charging.

Over those 5,883 miles our Tesla consumed 2,068 kWh of electricity) over 16 days. We were in 11 different states, (including 4 corners and Texarkana border) went to an atlantic coast beach and gulf coast beach, stayed 5 nights in 5 hotels and 10 nights in 4 friends/families houses. We charged at 39 different Tesla Superchargers, 3 hotels and 4 friends/families homes and we charged from 6 different types of electrical outlets (Supercharger, NEMA 10-30, NEMA 14-30, NEMA 14-50, NEMA 5-15, J1772) and spent $0 on that electricity (Our Model S has free unlimited supercharging and we offered to friends/family to pay but they were all just happy to have us visit and covered that minimal cost. The electricity cost would have been an estimated $358 according to if we had paid and only charged at superchargers). We toured the USS Alabama battleship and submarine and saw lots of old airplanes in the museum. We visited the Wild Florida zoo & outdoor safari and had lots of fun collecting shells or other random things on the beaches. We went on a kid friendly hike in Phoenix, AZ and had lots of time to visit with family and friends everywhere we went. Overall it was a successful trip worth doing, but a bit on the long side from my wife and kids perspective. I never got tired of driving our Tesla though.

Before and after the trip we didn’t have to do any trip related maintenance to our Tesla although we happened to install new tires (Continental ExtremeContact DWS06) 1 month prior to the trip and the trip was an entire tire rotation interval covered by Discount Tire as included in their service policy. The tire measurement prior to the trip was 10/32 and afterward it was 9/32 on all four tires. If you replace tires at 4/32 tread depth per manufacturers safety recommendation then this trip consumed 1/6th of the tread life of the tires. However the legal limit is 2/32 so that would mean only 1/8th of the tires were worn off.

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