The True Science of Parallel Universes


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  1. MilkJug
    MilkJug says:

    The universe (entire universe) is constantly being created from the big bang. Therefore, it is infinite. This meaning that it will have every single pattern and every pattern with small differences. Right now you could be reading this comment, travelling to Africa, and being murdered!
    Edit: Yes, this means that killing a butterfly can destroy the observable universe in one observable universe, and lead to the ending of cancer in another.

  2. Hashir Beg
    Hashir Beg says:

    I think last one may be close to real. The possibility that there is similiar planet like our earth and same people is very rare to exist but the universe is infinite it can dig out all the possibility.

  3. MegaRayquaza
    MegaRayquaza says:

    The many worlds theory can support how everything in the universe if done all the same as done now without a single change, you will have the same causes and effects happen no matter what.
    We only have one timeline available and cant get out of it.

  4. Tanveer Singh
    Tanveer Singh says:

    Theory 3, is what some philosophies belive and also give some great insights…
    If you are really interested then you must read two mind boggling books.."Immortal talks" 1 and 2 by shunya!
    Science, is study of materialistic parts..
    Philosophy is esoteric topic studied by those who transcend mind and break all mental barriers!
    Science can never explain it as the moment it does, it will go philosophical as there are no instrument to detect souls…because souls are "nothing".
    Whose journey depends upon our character and its mind which experience everything with its senses.


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