The Truth About Flexible Solar Panels


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24 replies
  1. JosCh Pz
    JosCh Pz says:

    What if l use two solar panels (20 watt 5-12 volts each one) both of them conected to a dual usb input to charge a phone or for example? Would i hace positive results?

  2. Norman Mazlin
    Norman Mazlin says:

    when you can get a 200w flexi for less than $70, which is less than 5 times the cost for heavy rigid panels, the light, slim, cheap flex panels are excellent as portable extra panels you can tuck away and only bring out when you are parked in the shade. So they may not last as long (duh, most cheap alternatives don't, but just do the maths). I have two large (250w) flexi panels as extras, I backed with a semi rigid plastic billbord material and cable-tied slim alloy channel around the edges, fitted longer cables and now I have 2 light, slim, cheap semi rigid panels that I bring out occasionally when needed. Sometimes it pays to go cheap, especially when there is no realistic expensive alternative.

  3. Sir Bink
    Sir Bink says:

    Solution = Form fit copper plate, water channeled. You can fabricate a sheet that's fairly thin and has water channels running to a rad and small DC pump. Problem solved.

  4. Glenn Mack
    Glenn Mack says:

    I found this video the day my flexible solar panel arrived..damn it. But at least now I will rethink installation and maybe store it on a shelf in the car, then i can use it purely when i need to top off a flattened battery or something, I will get a decent panel for long term mounting, thanks!

  5. Scorpio Woman
    Scorpio Woman says:

    Can you please review renergy 2nd generations flexible solar panels? I heard they did alot to improve these issues. Im jus afraid to try them out and all the videos on them are bias

  6. crazyc99
    crazyc99 says:

    Mine failed in 4 months !!! Garbage!
    Cost me $400 off amazon and I mounted them on the aluminum roof of my rv (figured it would be a good heat sink) but they failed in 4 months and seller sais he will not do anything about it 😡😡😡

  7. John Alex
    John Alex says:

    Will, your video is spot on. I bought (4) Suaoki 100W 18V 12V Solar Panel Charger SunPower Cell Ultra Thin Flexible with MC4 Connector on Amazon 18 months ago and they ALL FAILED. I mounted them with brackets on top of my RV for air flow and still failed. A lot of $$$$$$ out the door! Too bad I did not run into your video sooner. I now have Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Compact Design) and they seem to be solid with a good warranty.

  8. Drum Crazy Crary
    Drum Crazy Crary says:

    I have 2 Renergy 100 watt flexible portable panels that I built PVC pipe frames for them with legs to pivot & put them out in the sun, bring them in at night. After 6 months, still generating the same power when I bought them. Also, their on an open frame so the dissipate heat well. They should last much longer this way then roof mounting. I wouldnt do that at all.

  9. mattybr1
    mattybr1 says:

    How about Sun Power? They seem to be a better quality. ML Solar does not produce they’re own solar cells. There’s a good chance that the solar cells are from China.

  10. mark sparks
    mark sparks says:

    I want to ask, i plan to use flexible because it is lightweight. If I will use it on straight roof then I don't need to flex it, what I mean is it will neglect the disadvantage. Then why do I need a heatsink if the roof itself is a conductor? Or example on top of car, will it not dissipate heat in the form of the roof? What I mean is most probably you will install it on steady base which are metal.

  11. Scott B
    Scott B says:

    I bought 2 x 100w of the ones you showed the advert for. They lasted 2.5 years before dying and replacing them with a 310w solid panel doubled my power output.


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