The Truth About Tesla Solar Roof


Version 3 of Tesla’s Solar Roof is about to hit the market, but for the first time the solar glass shingles will be mass produced by the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York. What new changes have been made since the first version of the Solar Roof?

Elon Musk first announced Solar Roof in 2016 – a strengthened glass roof with built-in solar panels that would last longer than the house it was sheltering. However due to challenges with cost, materials, and installation, the solar roof was never released to the public in mass, just in limited quantities.

V3 aims to improve on efficiency and installation time of the Solarglass Roof to make it competitive with a shingle-based roof plus solar retrofit. Tesla aims to begin producing the new Solarglass roof at 1000 units per week. Will Tesla be able to achieve this goal and bring solar energy to the wide public?

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  1. FrontSeatGamer
    FrontSeatGamer says:

    Hope you enjoy this Tesla Solarglass Roof V3 video. Interested to know what you think about this product in the comments and when or if you think they can reach volume production. Thanks!

  2. Perry Hunter
    Perry Hunter says:

    I am in the process of planing a 40 unit development where all the houses will use solar and there will also be multiple additional solar collection artwork throughout the development. I am hopeful I can use the Tesla solar shingles as that will be more ecstatically pleasing. Also connecting all the homes together in a sharing basis and using battery backups in each home. I will be able to assure the entire development will be off the electrical grid.
    my home designs are 78% more energy efficient homes.
    I am in the Phoenix Arizona Area. wish me luck to pull this off this endeavor.
    ps I enjoyed your video

  3. Earl Gray
    Earl Gray says:

    * * * As a businessman I am aware of the importance of REASONABLE amounts of advertising. However this channel is totally out of control resulting in a waste of data.
    I am as of now UNSUBSCRIBED.
    Oi vey !

  4. yarpos
    yarpos says:

    Up to V3 on solar roof tiles but never had a real consumer offering

    Up to MK3 Starship but not flown

    Tesla semi, cybertruck, modelY, non existant $35k M3

    mmmmm think I am the Series 4 non customer

  5. yarpos
    yarpos says:

    So, will this incredibly innovative , durable and highly desirable product actually work, reach production and be supported unlike the previous incredibly innovative , durable and highly desirable products? or is this just another round of BS?

  6. Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. says:

    " On par with a steel roof ". How about " not really ". My grandparents installed a steel roof on their barn 40 years ago. The only thing I have had to do is put 2 coats of paint on it, with literally no end in sight. If you want something to be " on par with a steel roof ", you're going to need something that is going to last 60+ years. That's why so many people are putting steel roofs on their homes now. They're sick of the 20-25 year asphalt shingle gimmick.

  7. butch kern
    butch kern says:

    just watched video on fire and venting i install solor for a living have for 11years don't understand why tesla has a different set of rules it's not code complaint not the same rules we have to follow something not right

  8. butch kern
    butch kern says:

    so what is tesla doing about new N E C and fire codes calling for 3ft clearance from edges , peaks and valleys. and rapid shut down for fire dept they can't cut roof to vent a burning house, would like to see what there going to do

  9. oz93666
    oz93666 says:

    Ridiculous at $2/W it's not economically feasible , buy standard panels at $0.5 /W and put in a field ….Does the buyer realize he has to climb on the roof every 3 months to clean it???

  10. Collieco Form
    Collieco Form says:

    You didn't mention the availability of the house battery being improved. I have heard it is a several year wait which would hamper the desirability of the roof. I have been waiting for them to start working on this for years and frankly thought they would never with their focus from cars to other products. I hope version three and the House battery do become available at an affordable price. I'll be watching.

  11. la la la la la la
    la la la la la la says:

    Doesnt address the toxicity of solar cells and batteries that need to be replaced eventually let alone carbon footprint to produce batteries and panels.not that I worry about CO2 as this is what plants use for their cell structure and then emit pure oxygen.there will be a huge demand for recycling or land fill space for all the unusable panels and batteries at some point.

  12. equalism 42
    equalism 42 says:

    Solar roof seems great but the reality is they are going to be hard to clean and very slippery to climb on. Each tile has to have its own electrical connections, and so a full roof could potentially have hundreds of electrical connection anyone of which could potentially give trouble and need fixing….
    The tiles being part of a roof are not likely to be at the optimum installation, angle or direction for power production so means you are paying lots for less output.
    To be effective the house roof design should ideally be made with the correct orientation and angle, but that does not address future maintenance serving issues.
    There is no reason a roof could not be made with existing standard solar panels, but we do not do that because they would be difficult to clean and maintaining, think about where you need to stand if you ever have to wash or work on solar panels…..

  13. Frank McConnel
    Frank McConnel says:

    So what I hear is that the new version has a efficiency reduction, but installs faster. Why? That's just retarded. Why spend mass amount of money upfront and spend ages to pay for it? Ppl aren't including their opportunity investment cost in their payoff calculation.

  14. Leo Timtom
    Leo Timtom says:

    7 $ a square foot would equal approx. 75 $ per square meter. An average roof is 100 m2 , that would make the material costs about 7500 $ per roof. Where did he get 33 000 $?

  15. SWOBIZ
    SWOBIZ says:

    Residential solar is a parasitic power supply – it can only survive by stealing money from others.

    Nobody would buy a solar roof if 1) they were required to pay the full cost of the tiles + installation, and 2) other rate payers weren't forced to buy any excess electricity at retail rates (net metering).

  16. Lucho Gamero
    Lucho Gamero says:

    Wonderful, the mind has no limits to creat, its like playing with toys. I find I do not have enough time to make useful reality from living toys we create. Elon has stolen my mind.

  17. Fact Checker
    Fact Checker says:

    No mention here of CdTe panels that now account for the largest panel production in the western hemisphere. First Solar was already miles ahead of Tesla roof tile on cost and that is about to widen further as FS costs are dropping by another 30 percent with new plant completions.

  18. Daniel Stoica
    Daniel Stoica says:

    I am imaging a hail storm breaking these roofs, leading to massive insurance claims and massive increase to grid demand. 10:00, Ok, rated to 1.75 inch hail. For example, Porto Rico had massive solar farms that a huricane chewed up. So they are rebuilding solar farms. Hopefully with better wind resisance this time around.

  19. Ben Baker
    Ben Baker says:

    Clickbait title.
    Also: ffs, must every video start with a plea for me to subscribe? If all I know about your channel is that you want me to sub more than you respect my time and attention, that’s not a great start.

    Begin with some content. Everybody knows how subscribe works… end the cancer.

  20. Paul Hinker
    Paul Hinker says:

    The 430 quintillion joules hitting the earth are actually being used for a lot of productive things. Photosynthesis for one. Tesla and Elon are doing great things but their tendency to exaggerate timelines and capabilities is a huge problem. We were told we would have 1,000,000 robotaxis by next year. That's not going to happen. Adoption of this technology, even if all the claims are factual (and they are not), will not happen on the timelines announced. Elon needs to take to heart the phrase, "Under promise and over deliver". He usually has it backward which diminishes the really great accomplishments that are happening.


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