These Lost Nikola Tesla Inventions And Papers Were Never Released Until Now


These lost Nikola Tesla inventions and papers were never released until now. Today, we take a look at these lost Nikola Tesla technologies and inventions.

One of the greatest inventors to have ever lived was that of a Serbian Croatian inventor known as Nikola Tesla, of whom developed the framework for modern day electrical engineering during his time with breakthroughs in understanding the electromagnetic spectrum and the formation of alternating current as compared to direct current of which was the prominent use of electricity during his time.

Oddly enough, looking back at his over 300 patents, strange devices appear to take the forefront that Nikola Tesla had invented during his time that people are only now taking notice of in the modern day.

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  1. W Boswell
    W Boswell says:

    He figured out, if you take a 5ft( guessing the thickness) thick copper cable and run it from the north pole to the south pole, the entire United States, at that time could have free electricity forever.
    He was a true genius. Smarter than A.G. Bell…

  2. Basketball Guru
    Basketball Guru says:

    I'm from Serbia, Belgrade and I'm planning to request the access to his work (almost all the documents that are taken from his room was sent to Serbia and now it's stored in his museum), If there is electrical engineer here who wants to work with me on this project, let me know. I don't have clear idea what to do exactly but I believe that something good can come up from that.

  3. Basketball Guru
    Basketball Guru says:

    Tesla wasn't Croatian, his family lived in the region of todays Croatia but at the time it was Austro-Hungarian empire. Maybe you should know that many Serbians lived at the time there but they were ethnic cleansing all the Serbs during the 90's wars but for us Serbians it's a insult to say for our greatest scientist that he was Croat! His Father was an Serbian Orthodox Priest, his mother was a Serbian so no Croatian inside him at all. So please do not do that anymore, you have to do it the right way.
    Let me tell you one fact, there is no Croatian Orthodox Christians, they are all Catholics and there is no Serbian Catholics, we are all Orthodox Christians! Okay?

  4. nicola quinn
    nicola quinn says:

    If only Tesla was granted funding and world wide support, we would be living in a cleaner less polluted world now and have avoided several wars. Just imagine, it’s easy if you try

  5. Ideas Inventions and Innovations
    Ideas Inventions and Innovations says:

    Tesla's book "My Inventions" written in his own words, explains all his inventions and all of his patents and their numbers are written in the back of the book for anyone to peruse … just by looking at this one book people can instantly tell that most of what is written today about this brilliant man is actually over-expanded BS designed to impress the gullible. He wasn't just good, he was one of the greatest minds of his time but what a shame some ignorant idiots belittle his memory by posting so much rubbish about his accomplishments.

  6. OssamabinKenny
    OssamabinKenny says:

    I think we should all care about Shane Dawson’s weight instead of worrying if our elected public officials and their contractors are confiscating assets of privet citizens and using them for misanthropic purposes.

  7. Lucifer B. Mephistophilies
    Lucifer B. Mephistophilies says:

    I think Tesla's ideas could have ended human casualties in war if given the right opportunities. However these are all known projects of Tesla. Your title was misleading. I thought you were going to talk about secret projects from his lost notes archive

  8. Scott Essex
    Scott Essex says:

    this guys work was stolen by president trumps uncle and was later used behind closed doors… einstein used teslas work to carry out the philidelphia experiment and also scalar technology is used by goverments but is not allowed by anyone else.. eric dollard

  9. Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic says:

    There is a Tesla Tower south of Dallas Texas as of 3 years ago. 2 years ago Truth Stream Media, a YouTube channel, did a 30 minute video on it. It is run by X Military for profit of course. I'm waiting for someone to do an update. It's big.

  10. Harlow Jade Mermaid
    Harlow Jade Mermaid says:

    Trumps Grandfather threw Tesla out of his apartment, and stole all of his belongings. Poor bastard. We would all be living in a beautiful world today if Teslas inventions came to light. They wouldnt need to dig & frack in the earth for oil. The rich greedy backers didnt like his ideas of free electricity for all. He sounds alot like Bernie Sanders, a guy who just wants to help us all, but the media shames him, and lies about his ideas, as well. "Sure, Bernie, free healthcare & education for all, what an insane quack" they say.
    What is wrong with people? He has ideas and ways to pay for all of it, and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that it is all doable. They just don't want us to get ahead. Thats the bottom line.

  11. Christopher TheCarpenter
    Christopher TheCarpenter says:

    Tesla knew the earth, sun, galaxies, universe is governed by force in motion, acceleration, inertia, if you understand gravity is merely dielectric acceleration towards a null point in counterspace when you can see the simplicity and beauty of the universe, nature tells us the answers but we dont observe and listen. Look at the vortex it is everywhere, nature is telling the secrets of the universe, hyperbaloid, the hour glass inverse, the vortex ….think field geometry

  12. DK
    DK says:

    If this documents have been released to the public "now" then that means that Goverments have achieved far greater technological capability that can even render Tesla's discoveries as childsplay.

  13. Moxie McKeldrey
    Moxie McKeldrey says:

    I have been obsessed with this inventer ALL my life. I even have a tattoo with the coil lightening in homage.
    I am SO EXCITED that he is now being thought of. I had talked about him for years to people trying to educated them.
    FINALLY he is noticed. I even have an authentic pamphlet from the Chicago Worlds Fair that he lit!!!! My most valued possession.
    Helps to get the word out about the inventor being I work at University😁.
    Thank you for the Vlog I am passing it on.👍😄💜

  14. Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor says:

    Warden Cliff tower was literally a terrible idea. You'd need a tower every 100 feet basically. Also for people who like their electronics which is everyone basically, the tower would fried any microchips and parts it came in touch with. Yeah it could've powered stuff but you can't just tell electricity in the air to power up one section of a do device and leave the other parts alone. Btw Tesla had many many amazing inventions and ideas but the tower wasn't one of them

  15. John Przybycien
    John Przybycien says:

    When Tesla approached JP Morgan, with his "free electricity for all", and Morgan cut his funding, that is when the human race was sold out, for profit. The multi billion dollar corporations have ruled this world, since the 19th century, and our civilization will fail because of their greed and arrogance

  16. MAZEY 85
    MAZEY 85 says:

    With wardencliff tower he wasn't trying to bounce electricity off of the ionosphere.. He was trying to send it into the earth because it would store the electricity rather then loosing 95% of it out into space..

  17. Dam Mad
    Dam Mad says:

    If ever a man lived that was way ahead of his time…it is Tesla. Put simply, he was a genius. That diagram of the disc shape craft with the flat screens in is just spooky. Wireless charging is something that we have only got to grips with in recent years…he was doing that 100 years ago. For me, the most fascinating aspect of his work is the resonant frequency work he did. There is very little information to be found about it…but he found a way to tap into the resonant frequency of any object..with devastating effect. I have read he raised a building to ground using this. It was so powerful he immediately destroyed it fearing it would be used in warfare. Anyway, great stuff dude…peace.


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