This Awesome Battery Can Power Your Home In Blackouts & Save you Money


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This is the Pomcube iCan Home energy Battery, and it is one of my favorite gadgets of 2019. In this episode we do a deep dive into its features and whether you rent an apartment, or live in a house, this battery just might be perfect for you! It has 2kWh of usable storage and can power and discharge from one cable.

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35 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    That's a really cool looking and obviously handy device. Having a portable peak-shaving unit like that allows the functionality of a powerwall (though less capacity) is pretty amazing for those who can take advantage of such.
    One suggestion: would it be possible to use the first Pomcube iCan to slave a bunch of daisy-chained battery units to increase capacity in a modular way?
    Then — if the head unit detects the greater capacity, it could alter its input/output to match.
    For example: head unit alone can input/output 500W. With 3 additional units connected, it could input/output up to 2kW. I know this would increase the price of the sine-wave AC output electronics, but I think the expandability would outweigh that. It could also greatly increase the battery cycle life by intelligently adjusting SOC based on actual usage.
    When Cybertruck comes out, its 240V output and L2 charger input will allow some interesting V2H hacks. I wonder what the output current will be?

  2. LokiDaFerret
    LokiDaFerret says:

    What a useless device. if my house lost power the last thing I really need to have charged up is my laptop or stereo system or wirelessly charge my phone. I'd be a bit more concerned with running heavy load items such as heaters and refrigerators.

  3. Monkey Galaxy
    Monkey Galaxy says:

    So, if I understood it correctly, when you won't have power at your home, then your priority would be making youtube videos using this huge Powerbank?? Dude, are you high?? If you wanna make an example, then make it at least believable

    And… stop using clickbait title

  4. Aaron Bounds
    Aaron Bounds says:

    Nice content. Worthwhile. I live in an area that charges for electricity in terms of total use blocks, and doesn't have peak or off-peak hours or rates. Bummer. But, the electricity is only 7.7 cents per kwh for the first 450 KWH, and goes up a couple of cents for each block you go into after that: 451 – 999 kwh is 9 cents, 1000 kwh – 1,500 kwh is 11 cents, etcetera.

    Regardless, so far, I am waiting until I can use the battery in my BEV like you describe this stand alone battery. There's no sense in buying a whole different battery for the house, like a Powerwall or something when I'm parking a 24 kwh battery in my garage, that I have already paid for.

  5. paulcummings55
    paulcummings55 says:

    Enjoy your channel! But I have to agree with what others have already said, that this does not look like a very good device. Both in terms of cost, storage capacity, and quality. There are other storage batteries coming out much smaller than this, that are also around 2 kilowatt hours in capacity as well. But really, capacity this small is not much good for anything. Unless you have enough power for your refrigerator and your air conditioner for several hours, so you can sleep at night and not lose your food, what use is 2 KWH? It's just a large power pack for your phone and laptop.

  6. Christopher Berg
    Christopher Berg says:

    Peak power cost of 50 cents??? That's insane! I pay 12 cents no matter what time it is. That's one problem living in a state that PG&E decided to install solar rather than fixing their degraded tramissooon lines. Wouldn't you rather have all those homes and life instead of solar panels ?

  7. CrzyMan
    CrzyMan says:

    Isn't this actually really dangerous if the grid goes out? If people just leave it plugged in when the power goes out then the line is live when the workers think it isn't.

    You're supposed to flip the breaker and isolate your circuit before you use a battery backup for your house that is powering everything through a wall outlet.

    I like the idea of peak shaving, but if this stays on when the power goes out, then it's just dangerous.

  8. Valderon
    Valderon says:

    Sorry, I must be missing something. $100/kWh * 3kWh = $300. Where does the other $1700-$1900 go? I understand it's a 'smart' battery but I don't see what about it makes it worth $2000.

  9. Lucas Bueno
    Lucas Bueno says:

    I'm a bit confused… It has plugs in the back, but it also puts power back into the home. So can it only power devices connected straight to it? Or can it power the home temporarily?

    Very interested in the peakshaver. Wished the tesla powerwall was more affordable to help me cut the peak costs but it would take 8-10 years to pay it off that way. Too long, not worth it (don't plan to live in the house that long). If this could take care of my week day use from 3-8pm then it may end up saving us some and we would pay off the $2,000 much faster… But I don't know if 2kw would be enough to power the house for 5 hours.

  10. Ernest Szeto
    Ernest Szeto says:

    It seems the main objective of this device is arbitrage. But for backup power, like during a PG&E PSPS outage, maybe the "solar generators" like the Inergy Apex or Maxoak Bluetti EB150 (or ExpertPower Alpha 1500) maybe a better bet (1.5kwh). You can keep on for days (or indefinitely, if the sun is shining), if you watch your load. Or maybe iCan can just add a DC charge port direct to the batteries, and one can buy one's own MPPT and panels to deal with this situation (?)

  11. Glenn P
    Glenn P says:

    How can it feed back into the house when power fails. Since all homes are on that grid it would be trying to power all houses in your street and more.
    If indeed it does do that it makes it dangerous to anybody working on the house wiring when they thought the power had failed..

    It would need to isolate the power into the house to be safe. Even so as others have pointed out 500w is just not enough. A refrigerator motor can be burnt out if it doesnt get enough starting current.

    The whole thing is an expensive gimmick.

  12. X_Ben
    X_Ben says:

    way to expensive, 3kWh bat is 500€; 500W pure sine is about 150€, 500W charger is about 100€, rest is 50€, makes 800€ hardware …. and they want 2000€ wtf?

  13. Ryan Blakeslee
    Ryan Blakeslee says:

    Ok, this is REALLY important.
    What happens if you plug the ICAN into Load A and then your house in Load B?

    I'll tell you what. Infinite power. Climate change solved.
    I'll wait for your next video showing this in action. Should get at least the same # of views as the average flat earth video.


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