Tutorial: How to Solar Power Your Home / House #4 – Off Grid setup, PWM vs MPPT


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In this tutorial we take a look at off grid solar power setup, pulse width modulated vs maximum power point tracking charge controllers (Steca PR1010, Morningstar Sunsaver TrackStar MPPT, Outback FlexMax 60)
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Outback FLEXmax 60 Specifications / FLEXmax 80 Specifications:

Steca PR specifications:

Morningstar Sunsaver TrackStar MPPT:

MPPT vs PWM Solar charger performance – Part 1 HD:

MPPT vs PWM Solar Charger – Part 2 Follow-up HD:


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  1. Слава Слава
    Слава Слава says:

    So they will make a truck… That's good. For some time now I've been figuring "If Tesla really wants to make money, they'll make a viable ( lovy.biz/44oi )1/2-ton LUV fleet-truck.". And they plan to make Class-8 semi-tractors & buses as well? Makes me look forward to the first luxury EV motor-home, built with fixed roof-top & retractable solar panels, all powering the EM-induction cook-top, water-heater & washer/clothes-dryer. Add a water collection system with reverse-osmosis treatment & UV-sterilizing, and you'll be set to survive anywhere, anytime!

  2. David James
    David James says:

    As a 12V battery approaches 14.4V, it takes LESS charge current. So the actual efficiency of a 100W solar system will be LESS when the battery is near (or at) full charge and there is no load on that bank.

  3. David James
    David James says:

    Errors in this video. Since when does a charge controller use 10.5V to charge a 10.5V battery? Last time I checked it takes a higher voltage to charge a battery such as 11V to charge a battery at 10.5V. So in your calculation at 10:00, it should be 11V * 5.55A = about 62 watts, not 58.275 watts like you have. Rookie mistake.

  4. Rene Jakobsen
    Rene Jakobsen says:

    There are no batteries that are 10,5v. That lead battery is dead. Always have your battery in about 12,25 Then it is about 50%. So u do that in the controller (do not go under 12,3v load). Your battery will loose much of its recharge cyclus…

  5. kazuza9
    kazuza9 says:

    great vid. I have 3 solar panels that only put out 36v dc. I dont have a 36v charge controller but i have 3 12v 24v charge controller. The question here is can i connet the 36v ouput from panels to 3 charge controllers in series to divide the input at the controllers . this way i can still get an output of 12v to the 3 batteries i got. Thx

  6. Dave George
    Dave George says:

    It's got to have a transformer or you lose power. Look for heatsinks and the extra weight. I go ripped off on ebay, vendor claimed MPPT, but it was just PWM in fact. I went inside and turned pots and now works on 45 amps instead of 30. I'm adding a dc to dc step-down for more amperage and adjust for overcast light. I ran a 12v buss for internet/wifi, fans,pumps and lights so I save power by bypassing power converters. My Mac PS runs off of a 60v step-up direct from battery to the 120v power converter. It works on 60-240 a/c and DC.

  7. JohnnJulie Van Bysteren
    JohnnJulie Van Bysteren says:

    Excellent detailed rundown on a solar system set up for off grid home!! I would be excited to know if you have compiled your hand written notes that go through the details from PV/wind to setting up the home electrical panel.

  8. Joseph Naigan
    Joseph Naigan says:

    Good morning is my Solar panel is 30 Watt and my controller is 5 amps and my battery is 12 volt is that ok.
    They can make on the electric fun , and 4 bulb of light 1 watts each bulb. They can. How many electricity will load to battery.? Please tell me what to do.?.

  9. Sparkymax L
    Sparkymax L says:

    I have 4 x100 watt solar panels in parallel ,
    and at the moment with a PWM charge controller.
    Not sure what the Amps is.
    I am running a 12 volt system with 2 x 6 volt batteries with the possible upgrade of 2 more 6 volt Batteries for a total of
    4×6 volt batteries.
    I am interested in purchasing an MPPT charge controller,
    but I don't know if I should get a 10 amp a 20 amp or a 30 amp MPPT charge controller?
    Can tell me which one would be best suited to my system?


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