Van Life – Our Amazing Stealth Solar Power Set up! Off Grid Camper Van


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– We installed a 300 Watt solar system in our stealth campervan and we love it! It makes living in a van much more comfortable, especially since we’re also working in the van!

We’re using Renogy’s flexible (bendable) 100 Watt panels, a 40 amp MPPT charge controller, a 500 Watt pure-sine inverter and a 155 ah Deep Cycle AGM battery from VMAX. Watch the video to check out how we installed it!

If you want more information about the components, prices, etc., check out our blog post about the solar panel system here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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  1. House Of Bowles Lost Tribe
    House Of Bowles Lost Tribe says:

    You did a Good job ; I'd toss the Renogy MPPT and Charge controller and Go w a RedArc management system ; you can make things so much neater and
    Simpler this way .
    Go ahead and keep the rest of the Renogy part as they are good enuf .
    Again good job 🤓👍👊🖖✌
    I would also get a weatherproof dual wiring Port from RV section of Bangood or your other chosen
    Online marketplace source .
    Very cheap

  2. Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill says:

    They said 3 100 watt solar panels. I saw a diff video for a van & it had a total of 900 watt regular (not stealth) solar panels – at that time someone inquired if that would be enough relative what was in the van.

    Do companies like this sell these flat discreet solar panels which would have more watts per panel than 100? If so how many watts could one or these flat discreet solar panels go up to? Alternatively I've also seen someone say they welded or bonded their solar panel to their roof (also discreet as how it's set up, you can't see the panels from the side). I guess in that case the welded solar panel is a regular solar panel & would have greater wattage options per panel

  3. barbara Corcoran
    barbara Corcoran says:

    the best way to run solar panels is to have a controller for each panel because if one panel is shaded by a branch the other two panels will work fine but if u had one controller for 3 panels 1 shaded spot will massively reduce electricity generation.
    have plastic spacer sheets under the panels to cool them down as electricity generation drops massively in a hot sun

  4. Kirsty
    Kirsty says:

    Do you have a video explaining in actual English everything from the 2:29 minute mark onwards?

    You might as well be talking Mandarin to an uneducated plonker like me! What the hell is an inverter? Why does that thing need to be "grounded"? Was it naughty?

    I am not a science or technical person, as you can probably tell.

    I would LOVE to see a video explaining in language a FIVE YEAR OLD could follow, how electrical setups work in vans.

    We are not all electricians, worse luck!!!

  5. cynthia watson
    cynthia watson says:

    Thank You So Much …. Im buying a,van stripped down. Im going to do solar and live in my van first time. Im an older lady tired of the rat race ! So going full time at this … Thanks So Much Cindy

  6. NoSunBeach
    NoSunBeach says:

    Anybody else using JUST industrial strength Velcro (no screws)? What brand Velcro? Got the amazon Link for those? What's the real life of flexible panels on your roof? What brand you recommend for a single 200 watt ~ 32" wide panel that I can trust to honor warranty and that will likely be around in 5-10 years? Specific about size as I want to make sure my panel lands on my roof ridges perfectly


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