#Vanlife Solar Power System for $300! Power Laptops/LED Lights/12v Fans. Beginner Friendly


Parts list and schematic: https://www.mobile-solarpower.com/minimalist-on-a-budget.html

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  1. DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse
    DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse says:

    Future video will compare price of DIY vs. Plug-n-play solar power systems!! I can't wait to show you the side by side comparison. Really surprising results.

    Also, I will update the parts list for this videos system a bit more when I get home! I will add a low voltage disconnect.

  2. CowboyDav
    CowboyDav says:

    Awesome job! You sure do "Solar For Dummies" like me justice…LOL I'd love to see you do a little larger van solar system that would also handle a 32" tv, and 50 watt cooler. Something like a 400 watt system

  3. John Rackley
    John Rackley says:

    Wow!!! that's a really nice little system and with lots of options, awesome. Thanks Will, another great Video, been binging on them for a few days now. I just can't seem to get enough of your videos. You have such a great view of life and appear to have your head screwed on right for someone of your age.

  4. Jackball Johnson
    Jackball Johnson says:

    Hey Will, Was just wondering if you do solar consultations over Skype or a set fee? I think it would be great for me and others who just have a few questions and I’m totally down with compensating you.

  5. tabaccopuro
    tabaccopuro says:

    Will your books are phenomenal! But this video is spectacular! You busted a lot of myths (in my head at least) about multiple charging methods being attached at the same time. I just bought the same PWM controller in this video. Anytime you use a controller, I think you should remind folks that the order of connection/disconnection is a strict one. I have burned out about 4 by not doing it right.

  6. Gustavo Cantu
    Gustavo Cantu says:

    Your videos are awesome. I'm starting to mess around with solar power, I got me a set up very similar to this. I am using it only to charge my laptop, phone, a small DYI cooler that runs with a single 12v fan and my power banks. I have a question though, here in Mexico the prices are very high for a battery (they're the same price but you earn significantly less is what I mean) the only battery that I can afford is a SLA 12v 24ah is that enough? Currently using two 1.2ah battery which do next to nothing.

  7. rob black
    rob black says:

    LOL. You have noticed "… people have hard time affording your $3-$10k solar systems"! (Whiners)
    Actually, I think most of the van people want to power their fridges and then….charge their other crap.

  8. Matt R
    Matt R says:

    Thanks for making this. I'm a relatively low-power user. I'll start my build soon and really appreciate having a demo for a system similar what I would be looking for.

    GRRRACZ says:

    Thanks for your video, ive learnt a lot 🙂 i got a question, i have 4x 120 12v ah Lifepo4 battery, is it ok to charge them with 20 A dedicated Lifepo4 charger (from Aliexpress 😁)? Or is it gonna be bad for my battery?


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