VORTEX MATH – 3 6 9 The Key to Universe Part 1 | Nikola Tesla


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Mathematics, as we know it today, is only a tool to symbolize quantities. Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) is completely different because it is a dynamic math that shows the relationships and thus the qualities of numbers rather than the quantities.

Marko Rodin discovered a very intriguing number system within this circle. Marko knew he had stumbled upon something very profound. This circle with its hidden number sequence was the “Symbol of Enlightenment.”

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Vortex based Math
Vortex Math
Vortex based mathematics
Nikola Tesla
3 6 9
Key to universe

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33 replies
  1. matt bugg
    matt bugg says:

    Geometry is dead, it was sacred geometry in the past, however it was replaced in mathematics by trigonometry and linear equations. They don't even teach it in school anymore, because it is a dead science.

  2. Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend says:

    Ive seen vortex math before and it is truly a ground breaking truth that is not emphasized enough to the general population much in the same way ethical moral values are not. i believe both go hand in hand and are fundamental to unlocking what we call secrets of the universe and creation that were never really locked away from us by anybody except ourselves .

  3. OldToughDW
    OldToughDW says:

    If you give some people the novel "War and Peace" all they will say about it is, "It took me a long time to read it." These same people will follow a pattern based in arithmetic, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, endlessly and never apply mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, etc. They will find hidden meanings in nonsense and see "secret societies" because of symbols. However, they never see and understand anything meaningful or useful hidden in plain sight. It's there and you just have to have a mind smart enough to see, understand, and use it.
    The"…invisible energy of creation.." is not what you get with math. You get measurements, explanations, probabilities, qualification, and theories, in so far as you are able to see and understand a partial set theory. W.V.O Quine was right about math being a partial set theory. Google him.
    The first thing that this video got wrong, and this is critical, is that every interaction in the universe can be mapped, modeled and explained by mathematics, even the probability of it happening. However, that does not mean that math has anything to do with the interactions, other than an after the fact explanation and measuring, of what happened and and how it happened. That leave one critical question unanswered, "Why did it happen?" That is why, you are like the person who can read a masterpiece of literature and only understand; only take away from it, that it is a long book. All of the functions of mathematics cannot create and all of the equations only give partial answers to the questions. Once you understand that, then the seeing and understanding is much easier.

  4. Doug Graves
    Doug Graves says:

    That's cool! I've also noticed
    90/2= 45 4+5 =9
    90/4= 22.5 2+2+5=9
    90/8= 11.25 also 9 or 18, it goes on
    Also any number that adds up to 3 or a multiple of 3 can be evenly divided by 3
    like 906 = 15 or 9000000000000000006 = 15 both divide by 3 evenly as 15 is a multiple of 3
    Great video! loved it! I'm going to watch it again!

  5. truth96130
    truth96130 says:

    The correct tittle of this video–
    (An interesting way to add up numbers).
    Although there is no way to use the information hear to control the universe in any way.
    There for calling it the key to the universe is not logical.

  6. Linda Gentry
    Linda Gentry says:

    Watch MR Cati he agrees with the 369 Tesla Creation math, he says that they have 2 of the three 8's needed to complete it, sad because these evil elites stole tesla's theory, they want to take his good and turn it into evil for their Satanic NWO. Watch his 12/31/19 video.

  7. clayton davies
    clayton davies says:

    Sound = word of god ? Vibration, frequency ? "The soul needs light to have power." "Chains of darkness reserved for judgement"
    "Fire is the key element to empower the soul". "Fire is the creative principle"
    "Sound cushions light". Sound and Light = Eckankar ?

  8. Prashanth M.C.
    Prashanth M.C. says:

    This is all about the sacred geometry and golden ratio. Its true and Universal. Why be secret about something so holy and true? Paganism, shamanism, Jain, Buddhism and Hinduism are all of the same school of knowledge but in different parts of the globe. As truth alone wins, all these societies will come back alive and more vibrant than before.


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