Wall Street Bear Gives up on Tesla Stock Negativity


Tesla stock was about over $20 per share today after Dan Ivey went more positive on Tesla stock than ever before.
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  1. takanara7
    takanara7 says:

    Nokia basically suicided itself. It could have made android phones and people would absolutely have bought them. They decided not to do it, and blew themselves up. Eventually Microsoft basically bought them, and they blew themselves up again trying to sell windows phones. Of course, many legacy auto makers are doing the same thing by sticking with ICE vehicles.

  2. Tibor Z
    Tibor Z says:

    I am not a Tesla fanboy but Tesla's current valuation will going to make sence when GM and Ford will go to bankrupt. That void will have to be filled. With Tesla vehicles. EVs are the future and Tesla does it best. Period!

  3. Mark Wick
    Mark Wick says:

    Levy is the example of a moronic analyst that is just flailing. He even states what Tesla is going to do at their "Powertrain Day" and yet this guy hasn't been right yet about one thing. How do these guys keep their jobs with such bad results. Especially after Tesla has proven them wrong over and over.

    Also, these analysts have no idea of tech. They are stuck in just vehicles as they sit. Tesla uses tech for almost everything. Existing makers have trouble just doing a small bit of software to control a single thing in their vehicles. Existing makers need to change this around but it will be hard given how they are currently architected.

  4. Phil Contreras
    Phil Contreras says:

    I'm sorry that I don't understand the lingo but what does 44 gigawatts mean compared to the other combined companies that have 46 gigawatts? What is a gigawatt? I even googled it and couldn't find it! Thanks for the advanced help.

  5. Peter Zerfass
    Peter Zerfass says:

    What do w care what analysts say about Tesla (positive or negative)? We have a lot more in depth knowledge (and most importantly tech knowledge) about the company than they do. All their talking points are incredibly superficial. At this point they no longer matter in the way we valuate the company (as if they ever did).

  6. gary heyder
    gary heyder says:

    i bought tesla at 298 a year ago stayed with it for a whole year even when it went down to 180 iam up 18 % i guess i just keep it as a commitment to the planet ;yes and ford has good product should we invest in that too ford is like 10 dollars compared to tesla is 380 usd what do you think ?

  7. Piet Beslag
    Piet Beslag says:

    I find that there is to much recession risk in the near future. Yes, the stockmarket had nice gains meanwhile, but that is due to the fed and stock buy backs. Almost every stock is in a bubble

  8. Adriana Adnan
    Adriana Adnan says:

    All his designs are susceptible to destruction in the case of Carrington event… n once he activate full autonomy fsd chip.tesla will go bankrupt due to endless lawsuits on any death liability to starship passengers n tesla passengers. Alll death will be sued. N remember only only 1/3 of mars mission so far makes it. N dont let me get started on road accidents or sudden death in car or stroke or heart failure in car or drunk driving of other cars around. Or hijacking.anything with chips can be hijacked or remotely controlled by bad guys or hackers.. So tesla will go bankrupt tru death passengers lawsuits once full fsd is established for sure. People are gna die on road everyday why stupidly be responsible for each deaths??… let people be responsible for their own driving n own recklessness. When tesla establish full fsd or full autonomy… automatically the company is suddenly liable for everyone driving or riding a tesla or hit by a tesla. So this is a huge lawsuit risk…n the magnetic field is weakening at a rate faster… so must faster that scientist are changing update rate.. polar flip or Carrington cme event like 1859 could destroy all internets n all electronics. This will render all tesla n all starship useless. All elon's company is not prepared for Carrington event. He should've opted for hybrids like toyota instead n drop fsd chip n focus on mass production n delivery n profitability instead. If he was wiser. He is taking too much risk in the case of a Carrington event which is not a question of if.. its a question of when.

  9. Grzegorz Kapica
    Grzegorz Kapica says:

    The funny thing is; Nokia invented the Smartphone before Apple and dropped it on a board meeting, because it would not catch on. So they had the technology. They did not have the culture to make the product work.

  10. raven's son
    raven's son says:

    I sold out my Tesla yesterday. I saw the markets do something peculiar yesterday(stocks that shouldn't rise rising 6%+), it was too much for me to handle. We're in Tulip mania territory, imo. I expect a market sell off, which is when I'll buy some Tesla on the cheap.

    It is possible I could be entirely wrong.

  11. luc schoonen
    luc schoonen says:

    I have a nokia phone 😉 it is the best option in the 200 euro range in my opinion, bc I am not willing to spend a lot of money on a phone, since I do all my work etc. on my laptop.

    Also, I was doubting to sell my Tesla shares with this valuation, but I like your analysis with nokia and apple, so I will probably keep on holding to my position, since I really believe Tesla will be one of the biggest players in the future (or go to 0 haha)… but I am doubting when is the valuation going to be too optimistic… I didn't figure this out for myself yet.

    However, I still hope for some negative news to be able to pick up more shares, I can't justify buying more at this valuation tbh.

  12. Chris Fluck
    Chris Fluck says:

    I had a “gentle argument” with a guy that works for a financial fund back in March. Keep in mind that I am certainly no expert at all in stock picking and my love for Tesla started with this channel. That said, this guy maintained, “I like Musk and he wants to make the world a better place BUT he’s never made any money and the margins are gonna be too small on the model 3.” Then the guy revealed to me that shorting Tesla WAS HIS COMPANY’s BIGGEST POSITION! I kid you not. He looks quite stressed lately. I don’t bring it up. But I can’t imagine what that feels like. If my money was with them I might be at the office armed and dangerous LOL! That has to be the most irresponsible money management strategy ever to make one short position on a specific stock your biggest holding…

  13. lisa s
    lisa s says:

    from Dec 11 – Dec 16:
    your account growth (399395 to 411494): 3.03%
    Tech section growth(QQQ tech): 2.03%
    my account growth: 3.63%
    I also have TSLA in my portfolio.


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