Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?


Several major automakers are making big bets on electric vehicles. A few vehicles have been released so far, but sales indicate any one of them has failed to make a significant dent in Tesla’s share of the EV market. So, who are they? And how much of a chance do they have?

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Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

37 replies
  1. DJProject2130
    DJProject2130 says:

    Dear CNBC! You are talking a lot of sh*t, because you haven't understood the technolgy, which will come from Tesla and which will be the big goal, your analysis are complete wrong! AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN: Tesla is NOT a car company, Tesla is a technology company! And when you have understand this, then you will see: THERE IS NO CHALLENGE! ITS OVER! Greetings from Good old Europe, where the challengers will die first!

  2. jron20 r
    jron20 r says:

    Good history lesson, but history doesn't repeat itself always. I think we are seeing a change in the way people think. The boomers are now fading into history, giving way to next groups to come. One point not made, Tesla isn't a car company, but a tech company. Many of the engineers there are from NASA, they think differently.
    Another point, Tesla is very far ahead of all others, and can turn quicker than all others, no board, just Elon.
    Like Ford at the time of Henry Ford, but he is different. He is open to all ideas, where Henry wasn't.

  3. BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers says:

    If I buy a Tesla and it breaks down on a road trip, where is the closest dealership within a 50 mile radius I can find to have it repaired in a timely manor so I can continue on my trip??? That's why I would rather have an electric vehicle from an established company who have repair shops anywhere in the country.

  4. Philip Claeys
    Philip Claeys says:

    The automaker with a better marketing department than Tesla 🙂 let me use an example. For a fair comparison between I-Pace, E-Tron and EQC, I'll have to take a look at Model X. And guess what… the consumption per 100 km is completely comparable to the consumption per 100 km for an EQC, both have a real average consumption of +/-21 kWh per 100 km; the driving range is only due to the fact that a Model X has a larger battery. In other words, Tesla is not doing better than Mercedes in the premium SUV market!

  5. Cata Visan
    Cata Visan says:

    The reason everyone is losing to Tesla is because the Automotive industry has, for the last 10-15 years been similar to the Smartphone industry. Everyone is pumping out what is virtually facelifts of the same models every single year. Minimal, and I mean MINIMAL innovation but ever increasing price tags.
    Enter Tesla:
    Maximum, and I mean MAXIMUM innovation at almost ridiculously affordable price tags. Also, software. Want an acceleration boost? more speed? longer range? Buy a new model! Nope, just kidding. Instead, buy this software update for like less than 1% of the cost of your car. You don't even have to visit a service. Just push that button right there and you're good to go.

    Tesla is the definition of real competition.

  6. IVN117
    IVN117 says:

    The reason why Tesla is winning, is not because of software or hardware. Sure these are great vehicles. But people can't seem to rap their heads around the obvious reasons. Elon represents Tesla/spacex/ boring company. All three companies have one goal in common, and that is to improve the world by bringing up news ideas, new technology and implementing these technologiesinto society so that all sentient beings can prosper. We see the ambition that Elon has towards helping the global environment. And people believe in him because he's failed multiple times, yet manages to keep moving forward. What are some of the achievements that these auto corporations have achieved in the last decade that actually help society or the world? All these corporations are just playing catch up. People want something new, and Elon is delivering exactly that.

  7. K Nav
    K Nav says:

    Sane people wont go for ev's.
    Client: i hope its not yet late to cancel my autoloan for the tesla. Something always gets broken.
    Me: i feel you. However, we cant cancel the contract anymore. You can try to sell it but i doubt they'll give you a good price for it. At the end of the day, it's just a tesla. Even chinese disposable cars are more reliable than that.

  8. Nathan Croucher
    Nathan Croucher says:

    When EVs become mainstream, Toyota or another massive car company will buy Tesla. I cant see Tesla competing against car companies that have been in operation for around 100 years and have a massive amount of capital for R&D.

  9. Kyle Huang
    Kyle Huang says:

    Whoever made this video literally did not talk a SINGLE WORD about autopilot. How tesla has YEARS of data versus the competitors…which could single handed end this video

  10. Diesel
    Diesel says:

    It's the batteries or rather having them. That is the reason at least for the next 5 years Tesla has nothing to worry about.If a miracle in Detroit happened and GM received an order for 50,000 Bolt EVs tomorrow there is literally no way they could fill that order. LG Chem is having issues meeting orders for existing auto makers at the moment that is the reason why the Kia eNiro launch keeps getting pushed back and they company has said as much publicly. Tesla on the other hand has built their own battery supply. They don't have to compete with other OEMs for supply from LG, Samsung, or CATL. Realize that as of right now Tesla is the biggest producer of batteries by gWh produced annually. To electrify even 20% of all new cars sold every year it will require that globally more than a dozen "Gigafactory" scale factory installations to provide that kind of capacity.

  11. solarstacks
    solarstacks says:

    Only V W says they will make 1.5 million electrics. Then ramping up even more. We will see how they do. They also are in the smaller lower priced vehicles so that might give them a good start.

  12. Drampa Dreg
    Drampa Dreg says:

    You never mentioned which of these competing cars use Tesla motors and batteries! Mercedes modifies Tesla motors, then use their batteries and I don't call that competition. I don't know how many others do the same but the more the merrier, as long as big oil goes under and people come to their senses. A small car that's considered ecological friendly still puts out over 25,000 lbs of carbon into the air every year and that's average driving. Stand on a bridge over a highway and try to calculate the pollution, it's mind boggling and it's insane. Just the decrease in decibels would be a welcome change.

  13. Roger Froud
    Roger Froud says:

    The problem with the US driving public is that they've never had much regard for efficiency, witness the ludicrous Gas Guzzlers, and their love of oversized pickups that most of them don't need. Who cares, Diesel is cheap over there…. except… this is where it comes home to roost. You simply can't store enough energy in even the largest battery pack to get the range they want from these hideously inefficient vehicles with the aerodynamics of a brick. Add a trailer or caravan and you're in more trouble, and then factor in the long distances and, well, it's pretty hopeless. Yes, some of these new trucks claim long ranges, but load them up and stick on a trailer and you're not going to get very far on a charge.
    Tesla is successful so far because they've focused on a type of car where they can control the amount of drag and few people are going to be towing with them. It's hard to see how any of the pickup truck makers are going to convince a rightly skeptical public that their new offerings are a one for one replacement for all the things they want it to do, Tesla included. You can't beat the Physics I'm afraid.

  14. kaoskronos
    kaoskronos says:

    They didn’t even mentions Tesla’s automation advancements they have a few years head start and thousands of real world driving hrs. In a few years Tesla will launch autonomous taxis and catapult Tesla into space.


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