Why I'm Now Shorting Tesla Stock – Jack Rickard EVTV


In this episode we react to Tesla’s announcement of Q4 Deliveries and describe a bit of our current strategy regarding trading of TSLA stock in a period of violent volatility. You could make enough to BUY a Tesla in this market.

We also do a step by step of how to have your Tesla Model 3 upload Sentry mode and dash cam videos to your PC automatically when you arrive using Tesla USB for the Macintosh.


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  1. Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr says:

    I think you are quite right about the coming squeeze. I do feel the current valuation is exceptionally optimistic considering the capital that will need to be raised to meet Tesla's sales potential. Factories aren't cheap and Tesla needs to invest heavily in product support given the growing fleet on the road.

  2. Caveman Way
    Caveman Way says:

    Your charting analysis is poor mate. Stick to fundamentals… Just like you should've done with Amazon etc. If Tesla earnings are good stock is going to go up before the news and when news hits… Battery presentation is going to be bullish with new tech to increase life of battery. I really hope you don't make a big mistake here.

  3. Angel Elijah Eden
    Angel Elijah Eden says:

    59:40 people damaging your tesla like keying it of slashing tires are videoed and now can be arrested, and the video downloads to your PC , Well that's very nice".. that's a 5 minute crack up, insurance claims are going down, as the word spreads abput Tesla in the jail and on the news, the sortware update may tell the thief that they are now being recorded and your damage will be shown to the cops.

  4. jrb _sland
    jrb _sland says:

    Perhaps the fix for the time/bandwidth hogging issue with the Raspberry Pi is to enhance the code somewhere to postpone the video data transfers to a programmable timeslot, typically starting at say 2 AM? Similar concept to late-night charging to get the best grid price. If you've just come back from an accident or some other urgent issue, unplug the Rasp Pi and bring it inside for a USB hookup. Just a thought…

  5. tony monastiere
    tony monastiere says:

    Jack, I have Tesla at $2,700 by June 2022 or more. With M-Y & Cybertruck (GLADIATOR), it's going
    to be a straight shot upward. Don't forget, Tesla Berlin will be operating in 2022. Most peeps in this country
    are jealous, because of their limited expansion of education. Stupid is as stupid does!!! Tesla has only just begun
    to astound. This train is one big load. The old tech oem's are done. No more stealership game playing…DONE!!!

  6. Hassle Free
    Hassle Free says:

    Regarding the “ideal” home solar installation. Is the 12kW off-grid inverter, which can not only choose between grid and battery to power the system, but can ALSO choose between grid and the grid-interactive inverters as a source to charge the batteries, available yet ?

  7. Hass Mchasserson
    Hass Mchasserson says:

    My thoughts are that by Tesla effectively gimping the range, performance (in the performance model), and not making 7 seats available immediately, given the choice between the two, I kinda like my 3. I also own a model X, and love it for its insane amount of features, but given the choice between doors that open for you, close all doors with the tap of a button, as much performance as you can handle, and if you play your cards right can have a used one that goes just as far and comes with all the sweet features for about the same price as a new dual motor Y…I don't see changing over in that aspect if I didn't already own an X.

    All that being said, I think the Y will fit its niche, and fit it well. Yes there will probably be a lull in model 3 sales, but if they ever get their butts in gear on the new battery tech, they could easily fit a 100kwh battery in the 3 and get it to go 400 miles and kick all sales figures butts! Of course a kick in the pants to the entire lineup's range would boost all sales (as long as the price doesn't go up too much), and at the same time offer the same 300 mile range models for even less than ever!

    Everything hinges on that new battery…everything. I greatly appreciate your intellect Jack, and I always look forward to your thought provoking video's! Thank you again for another great video!

  8. Hal F
    Hal F says:

    First time listening. Agreed: 1. Model Y will be huge for Tesla. 2. Oil companies are sneakily trying to sink, or at least slow, Tesla. 3. Tesla will destroy legacy US car companies sooner rather than later. 4. Long range huge growth for Tesla. Tremendously enjoy your detailed description of you investment strategy. Planning to buy a Model 3 this year. I hope Model Y success will drop price of Model 3.

  9. Bill Platypus
    Bill Platypus says:

    Your are a smart man, but you can not control your gambler impulses. I am long term investor who prefers to be the casino instead of the gambler. I am long Tesla stock and short calls for 25% of my stock holding and also short an equal number of puts struck at the same price and expiration as the calls. Because the volatility is so high the option premiums are high, this adds cash to my account. I use the cash to buy for Tesla stock which increases my long term upside, So I make money if the stock goes up, does not change much or even if it goes down a bit. I will loose if the stock has a big decline, but I am comfortable with that risk I will sell only when the long term fundamental outlook for Tesla changes.


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