Why won't Tesla give us the 6 Powerwalls we paid for?


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The biggest challenge facing Tesla Energy at the moment is it’s inability to get it’s product to its customers.
I’m not sure what typical wait times are but Tesla has missed it’s original delivery date and then missed it’s revised date.
Their current solution seems to be to simply stop giving delivery dates.

The Energy Sovereignty Project is currently in limbo. With no meaningful communication from Tesla regarding the issue, we are left to speculate as to if this delay is actually due to firmware difficulties or if it is due to their manufacturing/distribution delays.
Either way, the result is the same. We are being told that the “guidance” is to deliver 4 Powerwalls and not the 6 that we paid for.

What dictated this “guidance” is anyone’s guess.

If you wind up speaking with any of the folks below, please mention you saw them in connection with the Energy Sovereignty Project.
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  1. Lorenzo Sewell
    Lorenzo Sewell says:

    This is all bran new technology, and we should be grateful that it actually exist, how many other wealthy individuals, and I am saying very wealthy for generations, and they did not invest, or invent anything, let us be grateful for Elan Musk, and is team of engineers for all their effort, dedication and personal sacrifices to bring us this technology, give thanks for the good, or go back to the old utility monopoly!

  2. CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser says:

    Elon Musk and Tesla do not need you to lecture them on their business practices.
    They are going to operate the way they want, not the way you want.
    Trying to buy this many Powerwalls so early in the stages of this technology is foolish.
    Anyways you should be purchasing home battery storage units from Sonnen in Germany
    they are much better. Good Luck!

  3. SimonHN
    SimonHN says:

    I have waiting 3 years on my Powerwall i won i Tesla Refferal program. Tesla say they Will install in spring 2016. Then summer/Fall 2017. They dont care. So taking it to the court soon. 😒

  4. L Gorman
    L Gorman says:

    Has anyone heard of a Company called Viziv Technologies … check it out … This is REAL "The Viziv surface wave systems will improve the quality of life
    for people everywhere by enabling the delivery of affordable WIRELESS electricity
    throughout the world," .. Just remember this is based on the TESLA TOWER of over 100 years ago that JP MORGAN destroyed when he found out he could not put a meter on it. Then when TESLA died the US Military / Navy Stole these plans .. and now you have a company being run by x military in TEXAS .. with a TESLA Tower … hmmm wonder what took so long? This will not be up and running in my life time .. We need YOU to push because the GREED of Power and control is so great the US government has known for over 100 years that everyone could have FREE power .. This is FACT and not an conspiracy theory .. its sad people .. its truly sad my guess this will all go underground again … they had to make a tower to test it .. and they will tell you it failed .. please do not believe them.

  5. Adrian Nostromo
    Adrian Nostromo says:

    Tesla makes amazing products but currently powerwalls and Tesla Cars are current luxury items.
    6 Powerwalls here in Canada would run about 65,000 dollars Canadian, perhaps there would be a small rebate as well.

  6. Brent Taylor
    Brent Taylor says:

    Ive had a powerwall reserved since day one. It’s not the fact they can’t deliver, it’s that they go silent with no communication whatsoever. You get the feeling the company is in total disarray and the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.


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