Why You Should NOT Go Solar


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  1. John Kershaw
    John Kershaw says:

    Great video. In an economic collapse where utility companies shut down or like California they shut down when it's windy 99 percent of the homes with solar panels will have NO ELECTRICTY. The systems that you see on your neighbors house have no battery storage. Those panels feed the grid not your house. Keep up the great work. John

  2. John Williams
    John Williams says:

    We built a new house 11 months ago. to get power connected to the house was going to cost us $60,000 Aus. For this we would have received the privilege of paying electricity bills! Our solar system cost just $32,000 including a 7KW diesel generator and good-bye bills. We run the generator 30 minutes a week to keep the motor in good condition and the cost is between 70 and 80 cents. There are minor problems which are inconvenience things and nothing more. Don't dismiss solar.

  3. pony chic
    pony chic says:

    My provider is SDGE, I have solar and I push back power to the utility. I have 20 panels. Instead of using propane heat, I use electric heaters reducing the propane bill by 65%. The price of propane continues to rise over $4/gallon. The savings per month on the propane is $400.
    My kitchen is electric. Instead of using the central a/c, each room has its own unit. The same with the heat, instead of using propane. The electric savings each month is huge, my bills use to average $450/month for a 3000 sq.ft. single story home.
    Every year SDGE trues up on the excess power I pushed back, this is enough of a credit to cover the months of Jan/Feb/March. I have not paid a utility bill since the installation of the solar panels. My savings at a minimum is $850/month, or $10,200/year. You can see my entire solar system was paid off in 1.6 years. I am warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    I do not have access to natural gas which is very cheap, my savings would be awesome.
    The Federal govt offers a 30% rebate on solar.
    In your case and others solar would not work, best to get expert advice on every situation.

  4. jeff hunter
    jeff hunter says:

    ya but, what if you could spend the rest of your life living in a dungeon shoveling shit so that bill gates can has his free "ball warmer" paid for by you ? what of "plastic pants" ? do "plastic 'pants" keep diaper rash IN or do they keep diaper rash OUT ?

  5. Town's End Living
    Town's End Living says:

    I do solar for a side job,and a hobby, she is correct about 1 thing. The payback sucks if your bill is under 200 a month. The higher the bill the faster the pay back, I have done 100k dollar systems that paid for them selves in 5 years. I personally donnot have solar on my house, my bill is 50 bucks a month and I dont have very much sun. If I had a free solar system I wouldn't install it. And even for the customers that have tons of sun and a extremely high bill, we sell them insulation, windows, high efficiency appliances, blinds and drapes. Ect. Theres 9 things to do, solar is the 10th. Solar works perfectly, unfortunately its reputation is getting messed up by people talking about it that dont know what they are talking about, and worst of all people selling solar systems to people that it wont help or they dont need it.

  6. J knowledgenet
    J knowledgenet says:

    But your thinking of it wrong I can purchase a 100w system and battery and a inverter and you got energy for years to come for nothing at after the 1st or second year. Ppl can build their own solar very simple and cheap these days,oh ya you live in a communist state. Living in N.H after the first year all my electric would be free, but he im just planning to use during power outages

  7. George Schieck
    George Schieck says:

    Everyone needs to do whatever they can to help change the regional grid from fossil fuels to renewables – solar, wind, nuke, whatever. The rationale in this presentation, focusing only on per capita cost to this consumer, is irrelevant and also counter-productive. She might be saving a few bucks every month, but she's also helping to deliberately kill all of us, including herself. Wrong.

  8. Nicholas Bella
    Nicholas Bella says:

    Here is the problem with your video. You're saying ppl don't need solar all based on YOUR lifestyle. Your electric bill might be under $50, but someone else's may be $300 or more. So, solar might be good for them. Or they may have all electric system, no gas. So, you can't speak for everyone.

  9. Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
    Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS says:

    I really agree with all your reasons nursely. For me here in central washington I do get way colder weather, and use wood heat to supplement electricity. Even in our modest home we can approach 200 dollars for a month. But it would have to stay below zero for a month and my honey bees might have real trouble. We would be warm and cozy. I would still like to get two arrays even now. One for morning sun, and the other for evening. I would get 2 kw on each quadrant. During those cold times the sun never ever shines here though so it would be a wash. And I am over 70 and would need to get a long pole brush for the snow and then no sunshine. So at most with the most efficient cells I would not even touch my electric use. This will occur only if I get an electric car. So —– maybe never?

  10. J M
    J M says:

    I paid a $750 dollar electric bill last month on my 4br/3ba home. My water bill sometimes goes to 400 in summer when sprinklers are keeping the grass from dying.

    Life could be worse lady.
    Speak for yourself.

  11. Tony Good
    Tony Good says:

    In the video you mentioned your girlfriend..,., Is this a sexual girlfriend or flatmate…… Because girlfriend now days really can mean anything…, Thanks for the video.

  12. White Cobra
    White Cobra says:

    I have a old house as well in sucky California. It was built in the 50s also. I will never go solar. The reason why is if you are paying on your solar every month, it comes down that you just put a second on your house. What I mean is that it is a second mortgage on your home that they do not tell you. Best bet is to buy the solar out right.

  13. Darrell Lee
    Darrell Lee says:

    I dont use solor power at night. Well maybe i do cause i charged the batteries with it during the day. Then i use batt. power so ya i guess i use solor power at night. I must be smarter than myself. Well enough abought me. Hey Prepper Princess have you ever canned a turkey ? Im serious i can get two casess of mason jars of meat. Then cook down the bones and scrap and get another case of soup. Warning dont use much spice as it can amplify taste drastically during canning. Makes a quick meal over some noodles. I just had a thought 🤔 california ? Princess ? Dang your probably a vegitarian. Ooops my bad.

  14. Robert Mosher
    Robert Mosher says:

    You should update the entire electrical system and wiring regardless of solar. Copper wire will corrode due to the end of the wires being exposed to air where it attaches to outlets and switches. It's not really a factor in the modern wiring and plastics. However, in the 1950s, wiring was wrapped in a thick paper with a outer wrapping of asbestos. Asbestos is not water proof and if they get wet it can begin to spark and you not know it. This, after time, can cause a fire.

  15. Charles Boone
    Charles Boone says:

    You have a $11 electric bill You don't even have airconditioner good for you there's millions of people in California the don't have an extreme example like yours which isn't realistic for the masses. Maybe if you had a 2500 ft² home that was a 2 story in the suburbs you wouldn't be beating on your chest telling everyone how bad solar is for you. $11 a month electric bill or even $35 wow. Honestly think of your over 100,000 subscribers 99% of them probably cannot relate to your situation

  16. Troy Brownrigg
    Troy Brownrigg says:

    Solar is the way to go, I had $550 electric bills , now they are like $270.00. We are adding more solar next year to lower those cost futher. Solar works for me. A grid tie inverter system with no batteries!


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