Zimbabwe's solar energy businessman finds his niche


Meet a man who lit his way to Africa’s top 30 Young Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine. He is also on the list of Most Influential People of African Descent under 40. Simbarashe Mhuriro, a Zimbabwe solar energy entrepreneur personifies business success; however he’s learnt some hard lesson on his journey and believes Africa is doing a lot to get the most of its young people.

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  1. Chandru Nagrani
    Chandru Nagrani says:

    i spent 1 year in Zimbabwe i am born in zim with birth cert wanted to start 2 factories 1 in building computers and another solar very hard to get a zim id. i think zim is still like rhodesia tried to get an apartment and i am still waiting for a response Coranation apartments Bulawayo. Try contacting Zimbabwe embassy in Ottawa Canada no response for returning resisdent visa. i have spent 45 years in Canada left Rhodesia in 1976 Zimbabwe is not open for business. trust me still the same no petrol and the whites sill control


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